About Us

This website is dedicated to the beautiful game of football. Here we write about football and especially about Serie A. From the news to opinions, from match predictions to recaps, we post everything possible to us about Serie A

The Team Member

We are a team of two at the moment, Mr. Snehal looks after the website, mainly for management and SEO.
Mr. Sumit do most of the writing here.
Mr. Snehal is passionate about this sport. He is being a Serie A follower from many years now.
On the other hand, Mr. Sumit is been a passionate Milanista from past 20 years
Both of us try our best to cover Serie A as much as possible to us

Why we do this?

It is because of the pure passion for football or we call it Calcio. We trying to recall our old days of watching Serie A. It is this league we saw so many superstars play for the clubs like Milan, Inter, Juventus, Roma, Napoli, etc. Some of the most beautiful moments of football was witnessed in Serie A. We just want people to know the beauty of Italian league, we want people to get involved more in Serie A and enjoy one of the best league in the world.

The Future of Blog

We are committed to write and make content about Serie A. We will keep posting about Serie A as long as we can. We hope to spread the word about this beautiful league as much as we can.

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