Lazio 2-1 Juventus: Lazio beat juve at Olimpico battle

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At Stadio Olimpico, Lazio defeated Juventus in a tough game. Milencovic-savic and Zacagni scored for Lazio, while Rabiot scored for Juventus. It was pretty clear throughout the game that Lazio was the better side out of both.

Immobile took the place of Pedro in attack as Lazio made just one alteration to the starting lineup that defeated Monza 2-0 last weekend.

Lazio vs Juventus
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The starting lineup that Juventus used to defeat Hellas Verona 1-0 had five changes made. In defence, Sandro took Danilo’s place, and Rabiot and Kostic were chosen over Barrenechea and De Sciglio. The final two adjustments were made in the attack, where Moise Kean and Milik were replaced by Di Maria and Vlahovic.

Alberto aimed a dangerous shot at Szczesny from a distance of 25 yards, but the goalkeeper made an impressive save, holding on to the ball despite the aggression of the shot.

Rabiot received a pass from Sandro at the byline after the latter stepped up high into midfield to grab hold of the errant ball. The French was successful in keeping possession of the ball, chipping a beautiful cross into the penalty area for Vlahovic, whose close-range header was mistimed and went over the crossbar.

Milinkovic-Savic was able to flick the ball with his head between Gatti and Vlahovic after Alberto teased a lovely cross in the direction of the penalty spot. Fortunately for Szczesny, the shot skimmed the crossbar on its way over and appeared to catch the goalie off guard.

Lazio vs Juventus
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Milinkovic-Savic was wide open when Alberto’s first corner of the game from the right flag found him, and he powered his header high above the goal. But when marking set pieces, Juventus should be concerned because Romagnoli is lining up behind Savic to greet the ball as well.

Locatelli flicked the ball up and passed it to his teammate with his shoulder in an effort to get the ball out of his penalty area and find Fagioli with a pass. As soon as the handball was detected, the referee blew his whistle, awarding Lazio a free kick 25 yards from the goal. The Juventus barricade did its job of protecting Szczesny as Milinkovic-Savic stepped up and slammed the free kick into the wall.

Bremer outran Immobile after Anderson delivered a lovely throughball towards the penalty area, which gave Gatti the opportunity to cross and regain possession. The frustrated Lazio forward was eventually penalised for a foul.

Lazio vs Juventus
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Alberto misjudged his angles while attempting to cross the ball from a central midfield position. Instead of going for Immobile, he chose Szczesny at his far post, which gave the goalkeeper no pressure and the opportunity to easily grab the ball out of the air.

Immobile, who outran Sandro to get to the ball first, received a deft chip from Alberto into the penalty area. The Italian was able to dig out a creative volley with his right foot, forcing the Juventus custodian to make a superb parried save.

Cataldi slipped an exquisite pass for Anderson into the channel, and Anderson drove to the byline and delivered a low crossback for Immobile. After taking a touch, the captain attempted to shoot towards Szczesny, but a well-timed Fagioli tackle caused the ball to be taken off his feet.

Lazio vs Juventus
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Prior to chipping a cross for Milinkovic-Savic at the far post, Zaccagni cut inside, beat his man, and made a move. The Serbian outmuscled Sandro, controlled the ball with finesse, and volleyed a close-range half-volley past Szczesny.

After speaking with the VAR to confirm the goal, the referee was confronted by Juventus, who were enraged. After it appeared that Milinkovic-Savic shoved Sandro over in the run-up to the goal, the visitors feel they should be given a free kick. After pausing to consider the situation, Marco Di Bello returned to the pitch and reiterated his initial judgement.

Di Maria was given the assignment to take the corner after Juventus advanced up the pitch. The Argentinian found Bremer in the six-yard, but Provodel initially stopped the defender’s header with a lovely kicked stop. Rabiot took advantage of the ensuing scramble by bundling the ball over the goal line to restore parity for Juventus.

Lazio vs Juventus
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Juventus had a chance to cross the ball into Lazio’s penalty area after Casale fouled Rabiot on the right wing, but Gatti was unable to do so after deflecting Di Maria’s free-kick at the far post.

After sending a pass to the flank that found Anderson, Marusic continued his overlapping run and got the ball back. The full-back reached the byline and dug out a cross, but Szczesny made an easy catch because it was far too easy for him.

Anderson started the move on the right flank, and the entire build-up was executed flawlessly to result in a simply brilliant goal. Despite Sandro closely marking him, the winger was able to cut back a low cross to Alberto, who chose to use the opportunity to roll a beautiful backheel pass to Zaccagni at the far post. He met the ball with a good first touch in the vast space, curling it around Szczesny and into the far corner.

Lazio vs Juventus
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Two minutes later, Zaccagni scored again, latching onto Milinkovic-sharp Savic’s pass and firing a close-range shot past Szczesny. However, the linesman immediately raised his flag for the winger’s fairly obvious offside. 

Bremer’s head appeared to be in line for Di Maria’s outswinging corner, but Romagnoli stood his ground and was able to clear the ball despite being struck in the face by a flailing arm.

Cuadrado and Zaccagni collided just outside the Juventus penalty area, with the Lazio winger arriving at the ball a fraction of a second sooner. A risky free kick was awarded to the home team. Alberto received the free kick from Pedro after he took a touch, but his curled shot harmlessly missed Szczesny’s far post.

Lazio vs Juventus
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Di Maria made a brilliant touch to bring Paredes’ cross down from the air before juggling the ball in front of Hysaj. The Argentinean narrowly gained space to deliver a cross to the far post, but Romagnoli out-jumped Fagioli and eliminated the threat.

Hysaj gave up a free kick after Di Maria deftly invited him to push his opponent over directly in front of the linesman giving Juventus a hope. Despite having many options for where to aim, Di Maria did not put forth his best effort when he teased in the free-kick, sending it straight behind for a goal-kick.


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