Manchester City 1-0 Inter : Man City wins their first Champions League

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90′ + 6′ EDERSON DENIES GOSENS! Gosens makes a clean header off of the corner kick and sends it in the direction of the goal, but Ederson reaches out and palms the ball away from the potential threat. Brozovic makes an effort to get a cross back into the middle of the field, but he ends up losing the ball and giving up a goal kick. Man City pulled through in the nick of time and will almost certainly win the Champions League now.

90′ + 3′ WIDE! As Inter push more players forward, Dimarco sends a free kick into the penalty area. Dias only succeeds in heading the ball clear as far as Barella, but the midfielder’s shot goes well wide of the goal.

88′ WHAT A SAVE! Ederson denies Lukaku from close range. Lukaku receives an excellent cutback from Gosens that is played into the middle of the field. He sends a powerful header toward the goal from six yards out with the Man City keeper as the only thing standing in his way, but the ball hits the Brazilian on the knee and afterwards deflects off Dias to head wide of the target. Could that stop be the one that earns Man City the right to represent England in the Champions League?

86′ Gosens is given space to work with down the left flank, and he also has options in the middle of the field. He sends his delivery into the middle at a breakneck speed, and it manages to get past Martinez and Lukaku who are looking to attack the ball.

80′ Acerbi makes an important tackle in the back to stop Foden’s offload from going to Haaland in the middle after Grealish did a good job of setting up the play.ย 

79′ Lukaku passes the ball on to Bellanova on the right flank, but the wing-back’s cross is blocked by Grealish, who is tracking back, and the play continues with a corner kick.ย 

78′ CHANCE! Foden disengages from his opponent and makes a beeline for the boxing ring. He only needs to beat Onana, but he drags his left-footed strike, and the Inter goalkeeper dives to make the save. He is in a position of extreme advantage.

70′ WHAT A HUGE CHANCE WASTED! Dimarco should have brought Inter even, but he hits the crossbar and then sees his goal-bound effort on the rebound cleared off the line by Lukaku. Dimarco’s attempt to bring Inter even was denied. The ball is headed into a potentially dangerous area by Dumfries, and Dimarco connects with a looping header that goes up and over Ederson but crashes off the crossbar. The rebound is collected by Dimarco once more, but this time he directs his shot with his left foot toward Lukaku, who is able to stop the ball from entering the bottom-right corner of the goal. Drama.


Rodri scores the game-winning goal for Man City, putting Guardiola’s squad in the lead. The play begins when Akanji gives Silva the ball in the inside-right channel, and Silva then cuts the ball back into the middle of the field. It is deflected off of Darmian, which results in a penalty appeal being filed. However, Rodri is quick to react and pounces on the loose ball before curling his shot past two players who were defending the goal line and into the back of the net.

67′ Bastoni makes a crucial interception at the back to stop Haaland from releasing Foden into the box. There was a brief instance in which it appeared as though Inter’s defense might be broken.

65′ Seconds before the corner kick, Stones and Bastoni get into a fight in the box, which prompts the referee to issue a warning. Following a foul committed by Stones on the Inter defender, Foden takes the corner kick and sends it into the middle of the field.

63′ Man City make a break down the right flank, and Silva finds Stones on the overlap. A corner kick is taken after his low cross into the middle of the field is deflected behind.

62′ Inter are continuing to prevent Man City from having the space in the final third that they crave. The back line play of the Nerazzurri has been extremely composed and professional.

60′ OVER! As a result of the free kick that was taken, Foden passed the ball to Gundogan in a short area. He makes an attempt to cross the bar by lifting a cross into the box that Dias is attacking and then nodding his head over it.

59′ CHANCE! Ederson receives a backpass from Akanji, but Martinez pounces on the loose ball and takes possession. He makes an attempt to beat the Man City keeper from the angle, but Ederson makes a crucial save to prevent the Argentine from scoring.

58′ Lukaku gets the ball in the net with a header deep in the Man City half, and now Dumfries has options in the attacking third. Martinez is the target of his attention, but Akanji steps in to prevent the matchup.ย 

54′ Stones makes a number of turns in the final third of the field, but he is unable to complete the offload to Gundogan in time before his teammate is surrounded by Inter defenders.

53′ Foden misses the middle of the goal with his free kick, and the ball travels all the way to the right corner, where Akanji can only prevent a goal-kick from being awarded.

52′ After a charge by Grealish, Darmian brings him down and awards Man City a free kick in an advantageous position on the left flank.

50′ Onana loses possession of the ball, and Silva pounces on it inside the Inter penalty area. He makes a valiant effort to get a cross into the middle of the field, but Acerbi comes up with a crucial block.

44′ Foden takes the ensuing free kick and sends it low and wide to the far post, where Rodri is waiting to collect it. He makes an attempt to send the ball back into the middle by way of a cross, but the ball takes a deflection off the Spaniard and goes out for a goal kick.

43′ Dumfries brings Grealish down while he is charging down the left flank, which gives Man City a free kick in an advantageous position.

40′ After a careless touch by Acerbi, Foden tries to pressure him at the back, but he fouls the Inter player.ย 

38′ Inter outnumber Man City’s defenders down the right flank, but their attack stalls after Dumfries misses a golden opportunity to whip in an early cross.ย 

29′ SHOT! When De Bruyne is given space and time on the perimeter of the box, the game begins to open up for him. He curls a shot towards the goal, and although it takes a deflection off Darmian, Onana is able to make a comfortable save.

27′ SAVE! As a result of Haaland’s catch on De Bruyne’s pass, Man City are finally able to get through the Inter defense for the first time. He attempts to strike the target with great force using his left foot, but Onana is able to block his effort with his body.

26′ CHANCE! Barella seizes the opportunity presented by Ederson’s error and identifies the goalkeeper moving off his line. He attempts to hit the ball on the first try, but his attempt misses the target by a significant margin.

25′ Haaland sends the ball flying in the direction of De Bruyne, who is advancing toward the goal, but the Belgian is unable to control it while he is on the outside of the penalty area.ย 

21′ De Bruyne looks for a through ball that can be played quickly behind the Inter defense for Grealish to chase. Onana sprints off his line and quickly pulls ahead of the Man City player to secure a comfortable lead.

20′ OVER! The opportunity presents itself for Brozovic to take a shot on goal from the edge of the box, but he sends his attempt flying high above the crossbar.ย 

19′ Silva is required to make his way back for Man City down his flank in order to prevent Calhanoglu from passing to Martinez. The players under Guardiola are being forced to put in a lot of effort in their own half.

14′ Inter have been awarded their first corner of the match. Calhanoglu passes the ball short to Barella, but Dias is able to clear the danger.ย 

12′ Martinez makes an effort to keep the ball alive after it was crossed in a looping pattern, but Man City gets men behind the ball to prevent the striker from capitalizing on the opportunity.ย 

10′ Inter continue to push forward while Calhanoglu provides Dimarco on the left flank with passes. He swings the ball in an oblique direction toward Dzeko in the middle, but Dias gets there first to clear the danger.

6′ CLOSE! Silva is on the verge of giving Man City the lead with just a few inches remaining. The Portuguese attack takes a direct line through the middle, coming in from the right flank and entering the inside channel. Onana is unable to prevent the left-footed strike from being curled toward the goal by Dimarco, and all he can do is watch as it goes outside the left post.

3′ De Bruyne threads the needle to find Haaland inside the box, but the forward blazes a left-footed shot high and wide. The Norway player is out of bounds anyway.ย 


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