Milan 2-0 Atalanta: Rossoneri continue streak of wins after dominating the battle

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At San Siro, Milan dominated the game against Atalanta and winning it 2-0 with an own goal from Musso and last minute goal from Messias.

Atalanta made two changes to the lineup from the 2-1 defeat seven days prior, substituting De Roon for Boga in midfield and Scalvini for the suspended Demiral at centre back.

Milan made two adjustments to the starting lineup that defeated Monza 1-0 last weekend, switching players at each end of the field. Giroud received the start in place of Origi at striker, and Maignan replaced Tatarusanu in goal after a protracted injury absence.

Milan vs Atalanta
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Milan had an early opportunity when Leao crossed the ball from the right side into the penalty area. Giroud decided to take an audacious volley across his body. The France international’s attempt was unsuccessful, but it was a positive start for the home team.

Giroud, who does well to stay in front of the final defender, received a beautiful cross from Leao into the penalty area. The Milan striker attempted to half-volley his shot into the top corner while on the move, but he hit the wrong side of the post.

Zappacosta’s pass into the penalty area for Lookman was brilliantly intercepted by Tomori, who also helped Tonali by swiftly slamming it out of play for a throw-in.

Messias prepared to shoot with his stronger left foot from 25 yards out, but Ederson’s well-timed sliding challenge deflected the ball back to his goalkeeper.

Maehle gained possession of the ball and charged towards goal as a result of a poor series of touches by Messias on the wing, but Maignan, who was still working off his rust, easily stopped the eventual shot.

Milan vs Atalanta
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At the 25th minute, Milan striker Giroud assisted Hernandez after Kalulu switched the ball from deep on the right side to the left side of the penalty area. The captain stepped up with his intentions clear in mind and fired a volley that ricocheted off Musso’s back and the post before going in. Musso was given credit for scoring his own goal.

Toloi issued Leao a sliding challenge. The referee issued a yellow card for the infraction, which appeared to be a cynical attempt to stop a counterattack. Leao argued that Toloi ought to be given a red card for handballing the ball away to stop a Milan attack, but he spoke a bit too much and was given a yellow card as well.

A chance for Leao was created by Tonali’s clearance on his own 18-yard line as the hosts turned defence into attack. The striker pounced on the errant ball, raced towards goal, dropped his shoulder to get by Scalvini, and fired a shot into the side netting.

Milan executed passing triangles in midfield, releasing as many as three runners to rush towards the penalty area. Leao’s first-time attempt, despite having time and space to reach the goal, deflatingly flew high over the crossbar after Diaz selflessly played it to his left for him.

Hojlund made a creative pass through the defence at the end of the first half for the streaking Koopmeiners, but the Danish international put a little too much pressure on it and took it over the goal line for a goal kick.

Milan vs Atalanta
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Just inside his own half, Scalvini stood up and tossed Hojlund an aerial pass over the top of the defence. The striker attempted to outmuscle Thiaw, but Maignan was quick to move from his position and intercept the ball at the outside of his penalty area.

Koopmeiners took the long-range free kick on the left wing directly at goal, but his effort didn’t curl back towards the corner and went wide for a goal-kick.

After breaking free in the middle of the field, Diaz was tackled, but not before passing to Giroud. The striker had to turn in order to maintain possession, but he eventually dropped the ball before it could be cleared away.

Messias was permitted to advance up the right wing before cutting inside and playing Diaz with a pass towards the penalty area. Diaz flicked it with a backheel flick for Giroud, who attempted a chip but Musso stopped him while he was still on the ground and prevented Milan lead.

Atalanta was awarded a free kick on the left after Thiaw received a yellow card for sticking out his leg and tripping Maehle. The free kick duty was given for Boga, but Messias’ diving header on the six-yard line forced Atalanta to play the ball all the way to the back to Musso.

Zappacosta challenged Hernandez, who initially lost control before regaining it inside the penalty area. He passed it squarely to Leao, who prodded it to Messias at the far post. The winger had the entire net to shoot at from a distance of six yards, but he blasted his attempt high over the crossbar as the home team continued to look for a second goal.

Milan vs Atalanta
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With just over 15 minutes left, Ibrahimovic came on to replace Giroud, making his long-awaited comeback for Milan.

Milan were incensed when the referee stopped De Ketelaere in his tracks, giving Atalanta the opportunity to regain possession in midfield. Atalanta immediately switched from defence to attack, but Hojlund was unable to intercept a pass from Toloi, so they were unable to make any significant plays.

Ibrahimovic was the first to the fumbled ball on the wing, but due to his inability to manoeuvre around Scalvini, the two players ended up fighting on the field. With the visitors in possession and the referee having the advantage, play was allowed to continue.

In the dying moments of the game, Leao received a square pass from Krunic inside the centre circle and immediately swept it towards Messias, who was on the move. Before chipping it over the goalkeeper and into the goal, the winger got past the final defender and forced Musso off his line giving Milan a 2-0 win.


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