AC Milan 0-2 Inter : Nerazzurri dominates the first leg of Champions League semi-finals

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The referee ends the second half. Inter Milan leads the first leg by 2-0.

88′ Milan is making a valiant effort to earn a goal in order to help them survive the return leg, but Inter has been both clever and tenacious in defence. Milan will need all the help they can get.

84′ Milan has a free kick in a very advantageous position. Approximately thirty yards away from Onana’s net, Gagliardini commits a foul on Hernandez. Now, Milan is trying to score a crucial goal by playing their fullbacks higher up the pitch in an effort to pin Inter’s defence back and gain an advantage.

83′ After receiving an exquisite pass from Barella, Gagliardini had an incredible opportunity to score Inter’s third goal. The substitute midfielder made the decision to take an extra touch, which gave Thiaw the opportunity to sneak up on him and steal the ball while he had only Maignan to beat.

82′ Messias cuts inside from the right and shoots with his left foot, but Onana makes the save easily despite the fact that the ball deflected off of Darmian.Β 

75′ BLOCKED! Darmian finds some space in a crowded Milan penalty area and pulls the trigger, but Thiaw is able to block the shot from point-blank range.Β 

69′ Acerbi takes a shot at Maignan from a long distance and hits the palms of the Milan goalkeeper, but Maignan is able to catch the ball easily despite the challenge.Β 


Giroud sets up Tonali on the perimeter of the box, but Tonali’s shot hits the frame of the goal instead. To this day, that is the closest Milan has come to scoring.

63′ In the process of driving towards the goal, Krunic is dispossessed of the ball by Dimarco just outside the box, and the referee waves away a call for a foul. After that, Inter break, and Giroud brings down Mkhitaryan to earn a free-kick.

58′ Dzeko passes the ball to Martinez, who is advancing into the Milan half when he pokes the ball past Hernandez. However, Kjaer demonstrates good speed to beat the opponent to the ball and recovers very well after the play.

56′ Tonali gets the ball on the outskirts of the penalty area, takes a touch to create a little space for a shot, and then misses the target with a low effort.Β 

52′ MESSIAS WITH A HUGE CHANCE! Messias is presented with a chance when he bursts into the box to get a pass, opens up his body, and tries to curve an effort into the back post, howeverΒ  his shot creeps wide. This is the first time that Inter’s defence is carved open, and this is also the first time that Messias is presented with a chance. He had a lot of time, and he most likely should really have done better with his time.

50′ CLOSE! Diaz makes a forward run, creates shooting space just outside the box, and shoots for the bottom left corner of the net, but his effort lacks the necessary curl and fizzes wide.Β 

44′ As Saelemaekers dribbles into the penalty area, Dumfries does his best to get back and snag the ball from him. Saelemaekers shows off his flair for the game. That is, up to this point, the best performance we’ve witnessed from a Milan player.

40′ Calhanoglu takes the free kick and sends it into the Milan penalty area, but Tonali makes just enough of a challenge to deter Martinez before the home team earns a free kick just outside their own box.Β 

37′ Martinez chases a poor forward pass from Dumfries and nearly scores when Calabria stalls while attempting to sweep up, but the Milan fullback is fortunate to have the ball deflected away from goal.Β 

34′ CLOSE! Martinez pulls the trigger from the outside of the penalty area, but his shot clears the obstruction in the middle of the ring. After a breathtaking start by Inter, Milan had succeeded in pulling themselves together and get back on track, but now they’re in a precarious position once more.


The on-field referee overturned his own decision after being directed to the monitor by the video assistant referee (VAR). The San Siro is in disbelief because it appeared as though Martinez committed an obvious foul. Kjaer was given a booking for the foul, but that charge has since been removed from his record.


The referee signals the spot after Kjaer knocks Martinez to the ground in the penalty area!Β 

26′ Martinez demonstrates excellent balance as he takes control of a pass and then spins to get on the opposite side of Tomori before trying to get Dimarco in, but his pass is intercepted by Kjaer. The clock reads 26′.

23′ As Tomori tries to start another Inter attack, Dezko drifts away from him, but Calabria makes a crucial contact with the ball to disturb his tempo and reclaim the ball in his possession.

Before Martinez could recycle the ball and seek Mkhitaryan inside the box, who shot directly at Maignan, Calhanoglu’s strike coming from outside the box shook the foot of the post.

11′ GOOOAL!!

A fantasy start for Inzaghi’s squad continues thanks to Mkhitaryan, who doubles Inter’s lead. Dimarco gives him the opportunity to break through on goal, and he capitalises by rifling the shot past Maignan from close distance. Mkhitaryan was able to get a good position before unleashing his shot thanks to an outstanding pass from Dimarco in the middle of the penalty area.

8′ GOOOAL!! 

From the corner taken by Calhanoglu, Dzeko fires a volley with his left foot that is directed directly into the upper-right corner of the goal! Dzeko was able to easily direct Calhanoglu’s inch-perfect delivery towards the goal, and the goal was a comfortable one for him to make. The swiftness of the cross gave the striker a significant advantage in getting the ball by Maignan.

4′ Kjaer attempts to get the ball over the head of the Inter defence with a long pass, but he misplays the ball and Onana is able to come off his line and collect it.

2′ The atmosphere at San Siro is like a bubbling cauldron as Hernandez makes the first significant challenge on Dumfries and gives away a free kick on the halfway line. The match is currently in the second minute.

Official Lineups for INTER (3-5-2): Onana, Darmian, Acerbi, Bastoni, Dumfries, Barella, Calhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco, Martinez, Dzeko

Official Lineups for MILAN (4-2-3-1): Maignan, Calabria, Tomori, Kjaer, Hernandez, Tonali, Krunic, Saelemaekers, Bennacer, Diaz, Giroud


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