Champions League and other Uefa club competition rules should be changed said Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho, a Portuguese manager, thinks the current structure of UEFA club competitions starting from Champions League is unfair and wants a significant rule change.

Following a 2-0 overall victory over Real Sociedad on Thursday night, Mourinho led his Roma team into the Europa League quarterfinals. Due to goals from Stephan El Shaarawy and Marash Kumbulla, the Giallorossi defeated Real Sociedad 2-0 at the Stadio Olimpico in the first leg and endured a scoreless draw in San Sebastian.

Champions League and other Uefa club competition rules should be changed said Mourinho

Mourinho is attempting to win UEFA’s secondary contest for the second time following a victory with Manchester United. Last season, Mourinho led Roma to a first ever and historic Europa Conference League victory.

However, he is not a fan of the Champions League teams’ ability to compete in the Europa League. Eight of the groups’ third-place teams were automatically drop to the Europa League’s round of 16 knockout stage. The third-place teams in Europa League groups also receive a second chance in the Conference League, so the same rules apply to them.

However, Mourinho said that teams that have been eliminated shouldn’t be given another chance.

“There are teams there who in my view should not be there,”

“If they are eliminated from a competition, they should go home!

“So if the Europa League is won by a side that went out of the Champions League, then it will be meaningless to me.

“The Europa League ought to be for the teams who went through the whole thing. I mean, Lazio aren’t going into a third tournament now, are they? That’s how it should be.”

Mourinho told Sky Sport Italia,.

After beginning the season by competing in the Champions League, Juventus, Sevilla, Bayer Leverkusen, and Sporting Lisbon are now all in the quarterfinals of the Europa League.


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