Inter 5-1 Milan: Nerrazzuri destroyed Rossoneri in derby

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It is a complete one sided Milan derby as Inter routed Milan 5-1. Now Inter have won 5 derby in a row in calendar year 2023.

Inter celebrates their commanding 4-1 victory over city rivals Milan with boisterous celebrations inside San Siro after the final whistle blows in the match. After only five minutes, they took the lead when Mkhitaryan finished off Dimarco’s cross-shot into the danger area. Before halftime, Thuram made it 2-0 when he hammered a magnificent strike into the top corner to put Inter in control of the game.

The goal that Leao scored was enough to offer Milan a glimmer of hope for a comeback, but Inter would eventually put an end to any chance of a comeback on their end. Mkhitaryan scored his second goal of the match when he had an attempt that was deflected into the back of the net. After that, Calhanoglu added a fourth goal when he calmly converted a penalty kick after Hernandez brought down Martinez. Martinez had been brought down by Hernandez. Frattesi, who came on as a substitute, would round off the scoring by poking home Mkhitaryan’s assist for a goal, further exhilarating the Inter faithful as their team secured an outstanding victory in the Derby della Madonnina.

90+2′ GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!! INTER!!!!!! After Inter have taken possession of the ball away from Milan’s Chukwueze, Mkhitaryan provides a wonderful throughball for Frattesi to run onto. This allows Inter to catch Milan out at the back. The replacement player maintains his composure and scores to make the score 5-1!

90′ Even though this game has been decided for quite some time, there will be five minutes of overtime played.

90′ As their team nears a brilliant derby victory, the Nerazzurri’s fans are relishing the moment and cheering on every pass.

Inter vs Milan

79′ GOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!! INTER!!!! Calhanoglu is so dependable from the penalty spot, and this time he chooses to go straight down the centre, calmly hitting home his spot-kick as Maignan dives the other way. The conclusion can now be reached without a shadow of a doubt!

78′ PENALTY!! As Hernandez and Martinez chase after a lost ball, the Nerazzurri will have the opportunity to further increase their lead, which will give them a better chance of winning the game. The player for Milan makes an attempt to hook away from Martinez but instead catches him, leaving the referee with no choice but to point to the penalty spot. 

Inter vs Milan

69′ GOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!! INTER!!!!! Mkhitaryan, a former player for Arsenal, scored his second goal of the match after a sweeping counterattack by the Nerazzurri ended with Martinez passing the ball back to Mkhitaryan, who then shot the ball toward the goal. After taking a fortunate deflection off of Thiaw, the ball is then able to sneak its way past Maignan and into the back of the net, restoring Inter’s two-goal lead!

57′ GOAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!! LEAAAAAAOOOOO!!!!! The play begins when Hernandez sends a pass towards Giroud, who then finds Leao with an excellent through ball. The winger makes a strong run toward the net and then calmly slots the ball past Sommer and into the back of the net to cut Inter’s advantage to 2-1!

56′ Reijnders takes a bold shot from a distance, but his powerful effort soars high above the crossbar and was ruled out as a bad decision.

51′ Dimarco’s cross from the left finds Thuram, but the striker is unable to get his feet in order, and his weak attempt goes straight to Maignan.

50′ There has not been much activity since the half-time intermission, and that will work to Inter’s advantage as they attempt to see this game out for a crucial three points.

Although Milan have been in control of the ball for the majority of the match, Inter’s superior attacking quality has been the deciding factor. In particular, Thuram has been a consistent threat to the backline of the Rossoneri. If Pioli and the rest of his coaching staff want their team to have any chance of coming back into this game in the second half, they will need to come up with a strategy to keep him quiet.

Inter vs Milan

Inter is very much in control of the game as the two sets of players trudge off for the halftime break. They take a 2-0 lead back to the changing rooms, which puts them in a commanding position. They took the lead after only five minutes thanks to a strong performance by Thuram down the right side of the pitch, where he dug out a cross. The ball comes to rest in Dimarco’s possession, and he promptly sends it back into the danger zone, where Mkhitaryan is poised to finish the play.

Thuram completed his fantastic first-half performance with a magnificent drive, sending it arrowing into the top corner to put the Nerazzurri two goals to the good before the break. This put Milan farther behind, and they went into the break trailing by two goals.

45′ + 2′ The attempt by Giroud to take a free kick is quite poor, and it sails high above the crossbar, much to the pleasure of the Inter fans that are located in San Siro.

45′ Giroud earns a free kick right beyond the Inter penalty area as we enter the last two minutes of this first half’s added time.

43′ Milan is awarded a free kick in an excellent position to cross the ball, but Leao’s throw from the set piece is very bad and the ball flies past everyone, resulting in a goal kick being awarded to Inter.

38′ GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! THURAAAAAAM!!!!! Inter catches Milan in the act of counterattacking, but the forward momentum of the play appears to have been lost as a result of Dumfries’ poor pass to Thuram. However, the striker makes a wonderful jink onto his right foot before unleashing a magnificent, curving finish into the top right corner, which leaves Maignan with little chance to prevent the Nerazzurri from extending their lead to 2-0!

31′ JUST WIDE! Giroud does an excellent job of linking up with Hernandez and then finding him with a backheel pass. The full-back then demonstrates some impressive footwork by striding into the box before attempting to pick out the far corner. Unfortunately for both the full-back and Milan, the ball dribbles agonizingly wide of the right post while he is trying to pick out the far corner.

29′ After a deft free-kick routine, Hernandez finds Leao on the left side of the Inter penalty area, but the winger’s run is just slightly off-kilter, and the linesman raises the flag for offside, but only after Sommer has stopped the shot from the Portugal national team player.

25′ Thuram is a source of a great deal of trouble for Thiaw. This time, the Milan center-back is forced to bring down the striker with a sliding challenge, which results in his receiving the game’s first yellow card.

Inter vs Milan

14′ Hernandez falls to the ground as a cross comes in from the right, but the referee dismisses Milan’s calls for a penalty because he determines that there was not sufficient contact to warrant awarding a penalty kick.

10′ Mkhitaryan comes close to scoring a second goal as he gets on the end of a cross from the left side, but he can only send his header wide of the goal. Milan are putting their lives in jeopardy!

9′ As Dumfries and Hernandez come into contact with one another just before a corner kick is delivered to the Milan box, tensions are already beginning to rise. The referee makes an effort to bring everyone back down to earth, but given the high stakes of the match, this may be easier said than done.

5′ GOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!! INTERRRRR!!!!! All of this is due to the hard work that Thuram did down the right side of the field. He muscled Thiaw off the ball and then crossed it into the box. Dimarco, who was stationed at the back post, receives the delivery and then fires an effort in the direction of the goal. The ball lands at Mkhitaryan’s feet, and he manages to score by stabbing it into the back of the net to give Inzaghi’s team a 1-0 lead! However, there will be a check by the video assistant referee to see if there were any violations in the buildup…


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