Juventus 3-1 Lazio : Bianconeri wins big at home

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It’s the final whistle and Juventus decimated Lazio in a easy win. Vlahovic scored a brace and Chiesa scored too.

90′ + 2′ Marusic on the right curls it into the box coming up the other end for Lazio. He attempts a stunning overhead kick while searching for Castellanos, who has his back to the goal. However, he misses the ball.

90′ WHAT A MISS! Kean makes a fantastic charging run down the left and clips it in from the byline. Weah sprints onto it and lifts it over the crossbar from two yards away as Milik leaps to head it across goal at the near post.

88′ Lazio is attempting to draw another strong back as they skillfully manipulate it through the midfield. Zaccagni gains possession on the edge of the area, and Milik runs back as he does well to win a free-kick for Juventus.

86′ Juventus nearly gives the ball away to Pedro in their own half, but Fagioli manages to intercept it with just enough speed. He attempts to bring it back for Kean after driving ahead down the left, but it is blocked for a corner.

80′ Juventus is attempting to score a fourth goal at this point, and Fagioli makes a bold substitution from the right. He points to Cambiaso on the opposite side and nods, but he is unable to identify a teammate.

75′ Juventus chooses a more direct course once more, with Locatelli playing the ball far for Weah to catch. He collides with Pellegrini and tumbles to the ground as Provedel collects. The American requests a free kick, but it is not granted.

67′ GOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!!!!!! VLAHOVIC!!!!!!! Juve has reclaimed a two-goal advantage! This time, they take a more direct path, with McKennie brilliantly looping a long ball over the top. Vlahovic shoots while he is sandwiched between two defenders, beating Provedel and finding the far bottom corner by bringing the ball down on his chest to get through them. 3-1 Juve!

64′ GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! LUIS ALBERTOOOO!!!!!!! The midfielder scored a beautiful goal! Bremer’s pass is not the best, therefore Kamada selects Cambiaso’s pocket to recover it. He passes it to Alberto, who shoots from inside the penalty box and beats Szczesny with a beautiful curling strike. 2-1!

55′ Pellegrini curls the ball into Immobile from close range with some tempo, but it misses the Lazio captain and flies right into Alberto. The first time he hits it, Locatelli throws himself in its path.

51′ Alberto scurries down the right and, as he drives into the box, leaves Danilo on the ground. He pushes it back to Immobile because the angle is against him, but Bremer slides in to block his shot.

49′ PROVEDEL SAVES AGAIN! Chiesa picks out Gatti’s retreating run on the opposite side of the box from the ensuing corner. Rabiot flips it on after he nods it into the center, and Provedel promptly responds to reject him once more.

48′ GOOD SAVE! Chiesa cuts a middle-range free kick that Juventus wins to the edge of the box. Provodel deflects Rabiot’s header wide after he weaves between two defenders to get there.

45′ + 1′ Lazio is still making an effort to score before halftime. Immobile receives a square from Zaccagni on the outside of the D, and attempts to stop it from distance, but Szczesny is in a good stopping position.

42′ Everyone appears to have been content to just let the ball bounce along the box’s edge, so Anderson is shocked when it lands at his feet. Instead of taking the shot, he squares the ball to Immobile, but he then hands the ball to Rabiot.

38′ Romagnoli extends his leg in an attempt to stop McKennie’s cross, but the ball instead goes directly to Vlahovic. He makes an attempt to return it to the American, but Romagnoli corrects the mistake he made earlier by taking it out of play with his shield.

30′ Juventus have just completed another swift break on the counterattack, while Lazio are scrambling to get back into their formation. Chiesa receives the pass on the edge of the box, but he is unable to capitalize on the opportunity by sending his shot high and wide.

26′ GOAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! CHIESAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! After some sustained pressure from Lazio, Juventus immediately rush to the opposite end of the pitch and score! As he continues his run, McKennie makes a one-two pass with Vlahovic after cutting in from the right side of the field. It was given to Rabiot by a heavy touch, and he skillfully touched it into Chiesa. However, he made no mistake as he drilled it past Provedel and into the near post. 2-0 Juve!


22′ Lazio sends the ball down the left side of the field, and Kamada does a fantastic job of nudging Bremer off the ball and keeping it in play. He pulls it back from the end of the queue, but there is nobody in the center to get on the end of it.

20′ Lazio is attempting to increase the pressure on Juventus here, but they are unable to find a way past Juventus. When Anderson attempts to curl in a follow-up corner, Alberto curls a corner straight at Rabiot, and when Anderson does so, Bremer clears his lines.

18′ minutes into the match, Lazio earns their first corner of the match, and Alberto sends his shot inside the near post. The ball is deflected away by Danilo, and the away team must travel all the way back to the keeper before they can begin play again.

16′ Bremer manages to outmuscle Immobile and knock him off the ball. There isn’t much of a difference, but the defender receives a cautionary yellow card anyway.

15′ CHANCE! Another corner kick is awarded to the home team, and this time it is taken into the increasingly congested penalty area. It comes at Vlahovic quickly in the middle, and he tries to turn it towards the goal, but his header is always rising higher than it should be.

14′ WHAT A FANTASTIC SAVE! Chiesa makes a shrewd pass for Juventus by pulling the ball back to Kostic, who is free and unmarked just outside the area for another attempt at the corner kick. Provedel stretches to get a hand on the ball and deflect it over the crossbar after he launches a shot high and down the centre of the goal.

10′ GOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!! DUSAN VLAHOVIC!!!!!!!! After Juventus executes a stunning, fluid move that ultimately results in the team’s goal, Vlahovic scores the goal. Before hitting it onto Locatelli, McKennie does a fantastic job of stretching and keeping it in play down the right side of the court. Locatelli gives the ball a quick glance before sending a wonderful cross into the near post, where Vlahovic is there to meet it first and send it past Provedel. 1-0 Juve!

7′ This time, Juventus quickly push the ball up their right side, and McKennie sends a curling cross into the area. Chiesa has a golden opportunity to score after Casale’s header hits the post, but he is blocked by two defenders before he can take the shot.

5′ This early on in the game, Juventus is getting a lot of touches on the ball, while Lazio is having trouble even touching the ball. They are applying a lot of pressure, and Immobile is successful in forcing Szczesny to make an errant pass; nevertheless, McKennie is able to immediately retake possession of the ball.

3′ SAVE! Chiesa takes a free kick from the right side of the box, but it is headed away from goal and played to Kostic on the outside of the area. After getting the ball out of his foot, he drills a low shot towards the bottom right corner of the goal. It goes out of bounds thanks to Provedel, but Locatelli was going to have to beat him anyhow.

2′ As the ball is passed to Vlahovic on the left side of the pitch, Juventus is attempting to get a head start on this match. The custodian comes racing off his line to shorten the distance between them, but the forward curls a shot behind the keeper but misses the far post altogether as the flag is raised.


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