Juventus 0-1 Milan : Rossoneri secured top 4 finish to the season

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And there goes the final whistle!! Milan managed to win this game and secure their spot in top 4 this season as well as securing Champions League qualification for next season. Juventus is now at 7th place.

90′ + 2′ How on earth did Milan manage to survive there? It would appear that the ball ricochets dangerously close to their goal line off of Danilo in the middle of a crowded box before it flies away.

84′ the home team gets another chance! Chiesa’s shot is blocked, and then Rabiot’s attempt misses the target entirely. There is not much time left.

79′ Attempt number from Leao also goes awry with the directionless play. It seems like there has been nothing but shots for the past fifteen minutes.

77′ Iling-Junior botches an attempt which leads to Milan having to stop a break and giving up a corner kick. Maignan makes an excellent case for it.

75′ Locatelli was unable to complete the pass for the Bianconeri. This interaction continues to be very interesting and engaging.

71′ Another attempt by Saelemaekers results in a save being made. The pace of this fiercely contested conflict has picked up in recent moments.

70′ Now the Bianconeri have two opportunities in a row at the other end of the field! Rabiot’s shot is blocked, and Chiesa’s follow-up attempt misses the target.

69′ Leao creates a potential scoring opportunity for Saelemaekers by setting him up with a pass, but the Juventus defense is able to prevent the attempt.Β 

54′ Rabiot forced a save! This attempt from Juventus is very close, but his long-range shot lacks the necessary amount of power to be successful.

50′ A corner kick taken by Juventus is deftly defended by the Milan back line. To this point, the guests in Turin have presented themselves as being in good health.

After a subdued first half, Allegri will be in urgent need of answers from his team during the second half. Milik is on the bench for Juventus, but other than that, the Bianconeri don’t have many options to choose from since Vlahovic is injured and can’t play. Pioli, on the other hand, will be pleased with how Milan performed in the first half.


What a header from Giroud but moreover WHAT A CROSS FROM CALABRIA!!!!! An inch perfect cross between the defenders for Giroud. The striker made no mistakes in finishing the move with his trademark style header. 0-1 Milan took the lead.

38′ Kean falls to the ground momentarily after sliding in for a low cross that he is unable to reach. Danilo’s poor delivery results in a goal kick being awarded to Milan shortly after Juve regain possession of the ball.

37′ Kostic finds space down the left flank and sends a cross that is angled low toward the penalty spot. Kean is present and waiting, but Milan is able to reorganize in numbers and successfully avoid the impending threat.

32′ SAVE! After Juve took their time to build up their play, Di Maria shot the ball directly at Kean’s feet. The striker for Italy takes one touch to set himself prior to actually smashing a low right-footed effort  that is easily saved by Maignan.

26′ Once more, very close! Milan is having a difficult time breaking out of their own half as Juve continues to pile on the pressure. Chiese races within that right-hand channel and enters the penalty area, but his right-footed shot goes high over the crossbar. Kean, who was expecting for a cross in the middle of the field, would have been a better option in this situation.

24′ BIG CHANCE! Before making his way toward the right side of the goal, Kean manages to avoid a couple of tackles. The striker for Italy decides to play a pass back towards the penalty spot, but Di Maria squanders an excellent opportunity on the volley by missing the target. The player who won the World Cup will feel as though he should have at least made contact with the ball there.

22′ OVER! Messias sends a cross with his left foot that is headed toward the middle of the penalty area. Tonali arrives late but is the one who rises highest, but he ends up missing a good opportunity to score by heading the ball high over the crossbar from close range. The indicators point to a potentially disastrous future for Juve.

17′ WIDE! Tonali manages to get behind the Juventus defense and then drive onto a throughball that was clipped by Diaz. The Milan midfielder sends his shot high and wide, but the referee blows the play dead because he missed the offside flag in time.

14′ SAVE! From the outside of the penalty area, Cuadrado sends a bouncing half-volley that is aimed in the direction of the bottom left corner. Even though Chiesa and Kean are lurking around looking for a rebound, Maignan gets down to make a smart save and pushes it away.

12′ Messias makes a relatively harmless attempt, but Szczesny is able to easily save it. Although the winger for Milan has had a lot of touches on the ball so far, he has not yet impressed with any particularly noteworthy displays of skill.

11′ Messias and Diaz combine their efforts toward the right side of the Juventus penalty area, but Messias’s shot is blocked by a multitude of Bianconeri defenders. Despite this, the Rossoneri quickly regain possession and continue their assault along the left flank of the defense.

9′ WIDE! Milan is awarded their first corner kick of the match on the right side of the field. Tonali sends an outswinging ball towards the near post, where Krunic is waiting with a header. However, Krunic’s effort goes just outside the right post.

7′ Leao and Messias squander a golden opportunity to counterattack by making a hash of things. The latter then receives the ball from the former, who passes it on to Diaz, whose subsequent cross is headed away from the Portugal international by Cuadrado.

5′ Giroud continues to be a solitary figure up top for Milan because the Italian club doesn’t provide much support for the Frenchman who won the World Cup. Given the fact that Allegri’s team is currently fighting for a spot in the top four, it is not surprising that they have started the match with a great deal of intensity.

2′ Hernandez sprints down the left flank and then cuts back for Leao as he is closing in on the play. The Milan winger’s touch, however, let’s him down, and Juventus intercepts the pass inside their own penalty area.

It should come as no surprise that Stefano Pioli has decided to stick with the same Milan lineup that began the thrashing of Sampdoria. Giroud, who had a hat trick in that match, is the one who leads the line, and Leao and Messias are on either flank to provide support for him.

Because of a tendon injury, striker Dusan Vlahovic is unable to participate in the game, so Allegri decides to switch up their offensive formation. Kean takes his place to lead the line, and Milik moves to the bench to make room for Chiesa, who will get the start. Di Maria, Danilo, and Cuadrado are the three players that are preferred for the 4-2-3-1 formation, while Alex Sandro, Barbieri, and Miretti are benched.


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