Leverkusen 0-0 Roma: Roma are through to Europa League Finals

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90′ + 6′ Leverkusen has been unable to break through the Roma defense despite their best efforts. Wijnaldum eventually clears the ball downfield, relieving some of the pressure.

90′ + 3′ Zalewski removes the ball from harm’s way before receiving a challenge from Diaby as Roma weather the late storm that Leverkusen has been unleashing. The substitute player takes advantage of the difficulty in order to waste time and benefit his team.

90′ After receiving a penalty for crashing into Cristante, Diaby directs his anger toward the referee in an attempt to get his point across. He also received a yellow card

89′ Cristante is able to keep hold of the ball and prevent Leverkusen from taking a free kick. After that, the Roma defender gets booked for wasting the referee’s time.

84′ The home team ramps up the pressure, and Frimpong is set up to take a shot on goal. Patricio, however, is able to gather himself because Ibanez, who is strategically placed, mitigates the impact of his strike.

81′ CHANCE! Leverkusen is still unable to find the goal that will tie the game. A low drive by Adli is blocked, but the ricochet lands in a favorable position for Azmoun. Unfortunately, the striker could only drag his chance agonizingly wide of the post.

78′ As Tah moves forth to join the attack, he lines up a shot from a distance, but his bold attempt diverts back into the corner.

75′ Leverkusen keeps trying to score the equalizer. Diaby sends a low cross into the box, but Azmoun can’t quite get to it in time, and the ball rolls back behind the net for a goal kick.

70′ YELLOW CARD! Bakker, angry at having been called for a foul on Matic, kicks the ball away. After a brief scuffle between the two teams, Ibanez as well as Bakker both are given a yellow card.

67′ GOOD DEFENSE !! Demirbay unleashes a blazing 30-yard drive, but Patricio can only block it. Azmoun tries to sneak up on the loose ball, but Mancini clears it away from him before he can get a good look at goal.

64′ Frimpong deftly sidesteps Bove and continues his advance down the right side by dropping his shoulder and skipping. He quickly enters the penalty area and attempts to send the ball all across six-yard box, but Ibanez is in the perfect position to deflect the shot behind for a corner kick.

59′ Frimpong is able to stand on his own, and a free kick in a potentially dangerous area is awarded to Leverkusen as a result of a foul committed by Bove against Wirtz. 

58′ Frimpong remains on the ground as play is halted after Matic inadvertently catches him on the ankle and causes him to fall.

56′ YELLOW CARD! Palacios’s name is taken for a last-second rash challenge on Matic.

54′ Bayer Leverkusen is currently in the early phases of the second half enjoying a slightly greater portion of possession than their opponents. However, they continue to be unable to break through the wall of people wearing white shirts.

46′ seconds into the second half, Roma makes a substitution, bringing on Wijnaldum in place of Belotti.

45′ + 3′ After Belotti’s late arrival, Hincapie catches up with him and ends up going into the book.

45′ Following a brief scramble inside the Roma penalty area, the ball eventually breaks for Demirbay. But under pressure from the visiting defence, he can only bend his shot high and wide of the target.

40′ Ibanez is still lying on the ground, holding the back of his head, which causes Roma some cause for concern. After a sustained period of offensive pressure from Leverkusen, which was capped off by Wirtz’s cross, the defender became involved in a collision in the air with Azmoun. However, he should not have any problems moving forward with this.

36′ CHANCE! Azmoun takes a shot from the outside of the penalty area after Leverkusen have worked the ball around for him to do so. His assault has a great deal of viciousness to it, but it is directed specifically at Patricio.

29′ Roma have a duty to exercise caution. When it comes to swinging in another cross from right towards Azmoun, Diaby is given far too much space to work with. Patricio takes a chance by coming a long way out of goal, but he is still able to get the better of the Leverkusen forward.

27′ Patricio is called upon to save yet another low drive from Demirbay that originates from outside the box. It was a good move by the goalkeeper for Roma to get down and hold.

21′ WELL MADE ATTEMPT! When Demirbay was discovered in space, he had plenty of time to set himself up and unleash a fierce 20-yard effort, which Patricio was forced to deflect away to safety.

12′ Off The Bar! Diaby avoids the offside trap and pounces on Wirtz’s through ball, which allows him to escape Ibanez’s grasp. Despite the fact that the angle is quite congested, the winger lets fly with a ferocious effort that shakes the furniture.

10′ After Wirtz’s powerful run to the edge of the box, the ball eventually makes its way to Diaby, who then continues to pose a threat for Leverkusen. However, the shot that is taken ends up being well off target and does not threaten the goal at any point.

8′ After charging down the right flank, Frimpong passes the ball back to Demirbay, who takes a shot from a narrow angle but it is saved by Patricio. 

2′ Pellegrini is the first player to get a look at the goal. Abraham deftly flicks a long ball into the path of his captain, who then fires a low effort from 25 yards out that goes wide of the target.

The team that played in the first leg has been left unchanged by Jose Mourinho’s decision. Even though Smalling has recovered from his injury, the manager of the Giallorossi has decided to keep Cristante in the center of the defense. The former Manchester United defender has been relegated to a spot on the substitute’s bench, where he will be joined by Dybala.

After the 1-1 draw with Stuttgart over the weekend, Xabi Alonso elects to make just one substitution for Bayer Leverkusen. Wirtz, who had been rested for that game, comes in to replace Adli on the wing. This is the only change. As a result of injuries sustained in the first leg, Robert Andrich and Odilon Kossounou were unable to participate in the second leg.


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