Juventus 0-1 Napoli: Partenopei won the tough battle in Turin

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Napoli defeated Juventus in a narrow 1-0 lead at Allianz Arena in Turin. Both teams failed to find the back of the net despite having plenty of chances for it. However in the dying moments of the game Raspadori found the back of the net.

Juventus made five changes. Bremer and Sandro were replaced by Gatti and Rugani as the home team went from two to three centre backs. On the right, Cuadrado stepped forward more, while Kostic took Chiesa’s place on the left. Vlahovic dropped to the bench as Soule took Di Maria’s place and moved behind Milik.

Juventus vs Napoli
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In comparison to the team that drew with Milan in the Champions League, Napoli made four changes. Spalletti made two changes to the defence, starting Olivera at left-back and Min-Jae at center-back. Mario Rui was injured and sitting on the sidelines while Rrahmani played. Ndombele was preferred over Zielinski in the midfield, where there was also a change. Lozano was placed on the right side of the attack because Matteo Politano, who left the game against Milan with an injury, did not make the team.

When Di Lorenzo was on the right side, Min-Jae passed the ball to him as he ran into Juventus’ half. The Napoli captain attempted to curl a pass into Lozano’s charging feet, but instead sent it out for a goal kick.

The game’s first shot was made by Juventus. When Locatelli was on the edge of the box, Kostic passed the ball inside to him from the left flank. Despite being unnoticed, he dragged his effort well beyond the goal post.

Juventus vs Napoli
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From within the Juventus half, Locatelli passed the ball to Cuadrado’s feet on the right wing. He dipped inside and fired from the edge of the box, but Meret pushed the ball away.

Juventus was able to press Napoli inside their own box before Napoli launched a counterattack. With the ball, Lozano ran forward and passed it to Ndombele, who showed up just outside the box before missing the target.

Kostic moved forward once more and hung a long cross into the air for Milik to pounce on. Although the striker rose above Olivera, his effort was headed directly at the custodian.

Gatti removed Kvaratskhelia’s inswinging corner from right. Kostic’s left-side breakaway gave Juventus a chance to attack on the break, but the striker’s receiving end of his curling pass to Milik was too far away.

From the edge of the box, Lozano attempted to curl a shot towards the goal, but Danilo moved across to block his effort. When the rebound came, Kvaratskhelia attempted to catch it, but Gatti was capable of snatching it away.

Juventus vs Napoli
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With a sweeping pass, Locatelli moved the ball from the right to the left. Di Lorenzo beat Kostic and offered him options, but the Napoli player came back to make a slide tackle. After hitting Kostic, it was kicked out for a goal.

Locatelli made a crucial stop by slid across to stop Ndombele’s edge-shot attempt. Olivera returned the ball into the box after the next corner was cleared, and Di Lorenzo headed his attempt straight at the custodian for Napoli’s first shot on goal of the match.

On the right side of the field, Osimhen picked up the ball and passed it to Kvaratskhelia. The winger had enough time to take shot and curled it just over the crossbar because no one was in his immediate vicinity.

Anguissa was dispatched by Lozano near the corner flag. He was stopped from moving by Danilo and Gatti, but the latter nudged him to the ground and awarded a cheap free kick.

Juventus vs Napoli
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Milik assisted Juventus in making a counterattacking move forward by nipping the ball around the corner and releasing Di Maria on the right. He attempted to curl a pass into Chiesa’s path by cutting onto his left foot, but it was intercepted. Kvaratskhelia was able to make a shot. Rugani stopped his goal-bound attempt, then stopped him again quickly to deny Osimhen.

On the 70th minute of the game, Napoli had the best opportunity to date. Di Lorenzo received the ball from Elmas in the box, and the captain flicked it back to Elmas. Then, after making a quick pass to Osimhen, the striker moved the ball to his right foot and attempted a low shot that Gatti deflected wide.

Kvaratskhelia had been replaced by Zielinski in the corner duties, and his cross to Osimhen was flawless. Although he had his eyes on the ball, he directed his shot directly at Szczesny. Osimhen had been largely kept out of the game but had three opportunities in four minutes. This time, he dribbled past Gatti to receive a curly pass from Di Lorenzo, but he put his shot over the crossbar.

Juventus vs Napoli
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Due to Min-Jae’s departure, Juventus had a chance on the corner. Rugani received the ball from Gatti after Cuadrado crossed it, but his acrobatic shot was blocked.

After Milik gained possession of the ball, Locatelli was instrumental in the goal by curling the ball for Di Maria, who sprinted after the ball and beat Meret with a deflected shot. However, a VAR review for a potential foul was performed. VAR disallowed the goal due to the foul. Napoli had a free kick in a firing position and there was still no goals scored in the match. Milik attempted to recover the ball, but he tackled Lobotka late and conceded a free kick.

What a game, what a conclusion. Zielinski poked the ball down the right flank, and Lmas received it and chipped a cross into the penalty area. Raspadori was unimpeded and managed to beat Szczesny with a close-range shot, giving Napoli the victory.


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