Lecce 0-4 Napoli : Champions win the battle comfortably

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Napoli defeated Lecce in a comfortable 4-0 win. Four different players scored for the Partenopei.


90 + 4′ GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!! POLITANOOOO!!!!!! There was no blunder on the part of the substitute, who stepped up and coolly directed Falcone in the wrong direction from 12 yards out.

90 + 3′ PENALTY! After Ramadani’s clearing was charged down by Gaetano, the Lecce midfielder brought Gaetano to the ground and pulled him. The referee has no other option except to indicate to the spot where the foul occurred.

88′ GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!! GAETANOOOO!!!!!!! The away team gets a break, and then the substitutes combine, with Raspadori passing the ball to Gaetano, who then fires the ball past Falcone from the edge of the penalty area.

72′ CLOSE! Piccoli is involved early away as he jumps to meet a cross at the far post, but his header is off to the side of the upright and misses the target.

 67′ Raspadori shoots from a distance as Napoli attempts to score a third goal but Falcone dives in to block.

57′ NO GOAl! Lecce believes that they have equalized the score after Strefezza heads the ball past Meret, but their celebration is short-lived because it is determined that Krstovic handled the ball in the build-up to the goal.

55′ Lecce are looking to reply, and Strefezza is giving it his best shot from a distance. His daring attempt to curl the stone into a circle is successful, but it goes right into Meret’s arms.

55′ Strefezza tries his luck from a distance while Lecce looks to reply to the challenge. His daring attempt to curl the stone into a circle is successful, but it goes right into Meret’s arms.


51′ GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! OSIMHEN!!!!!!!! Kvaratskhelia is able to break as a result of a loose pass. Osimhen puts the finishing touch on the play with his head after the winger deftly sidesteps away from his defender and then clips the ball to the far post.

45 + 1′ Kvaratskhelia takes a shot from the free-kick, but it is just off-center and doesn’t come close to scoring.

45′ The referee awards Napoli a free kick in a relatively good position, and Kvaratskhelia moves to cover the ball. It is 25 yards away from the goal and in the exact middle, thus it is highly likely that he will consider taking a shot here.

43′ The visitors have another opportunity to score, as Zielinski attempts to get off a shot, but his attempt is deflected behind for a corner kick.

42′ Simeone scored a goal in a cameo appearance off the bench against Udinese, and he has been given the unusual opportunity to start up front today. That attempt was so close to being successful that he could have taken advantage of the situation with both hands.

40′ WHISKERS OFF! The lead is practically doubled thanks to Simeone! The striker fires a fantastic shot in the direction of the goal from the perimeter of the playing area, but it just misses it by a hair.

38′ Lecce mounts a threat, and a potentially hazardous low ball is played into the penalty area; however, Olivera is alert and turns the ball behind for a corner.

31′ CHANCE! Following a corner kick, the team at home brings the ball into the penalty area. Pongracic has control, but Natan is able to pressure him into missing the goal with a shot from just outside the six-yard box.

29′ It should come as no surprise that Lecce has triumphed in each of their first three games played at home this season. You have to go all the way back to the 1989–1990 season to find the only other time that they started a Serie A campaign with four straight triumphs at home.

27′ The hosts did a much better job with that. Ever since they took the lead, it has appeared that Napoli is the team that is most likely to score the game’s second goal. However, Lecce shown just now that they are still very much a part of this competition.


25′ Chance! With Almqvist leading the charge, Lecce hopes to catch their rivals off guard by hitting them on the counterattack. He locates Krstovic, who fires a shot, but Meret dives on the ground to block it and save the situation.

23′ Napoli creates a scoring opportunity for themselves and earns a corner kick. When Zielinski sends the ball to the far post, Natan gets a header on it, but Falcone is able to easily collect it.

15′ GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!! NAPOLI!!!!!!!! Ostigard, who was left unmarked, rose to his feet and powered a header into the goal after Zielinski sent a delectable free kick into the six-yard box. With an exquisite cross into the area that begged to be attacked, Zielinski assisted the goal.

15′ Pongracic takes control of the ball in order to prevent Kvaratskhelia from escaping. It’s a stroke of good luck that the defender for Lecce didn’t have his name taken for that.

12′ Lindstrom gets the first shot of the game, but it’s not one of his best attempts by any means. The winger’s shot goes high and wide of the mark as Baschirotto clears the ball directly to him after receiving a cross.

11′ The Partenopei have played to a tie in both of their previous two games played away from home. You have to go all the way back to 2018 to find the last time they played on the road and recorded three straight draws.

9′ Napoli is trying to assert their dominance over the situation while simultaneously keeping possession of the ball and playing some slick passing football.

7′ The home team attempts to attack along the left side of the field, but their forward momentum is halted when Gallo is called for being offside.

3′ Napoli move the ball out to Di Lorenzo on the right wing in a very efficient manner. The skipper quickly stuffs it into the box, but Simeone doesn’t receive his delivery.

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