Cagliari 1-3 Milan : Rossoneri secure comfortable win over Rossoblu

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Milan managed to secure a comfortable win over Cagliari. Goal from Okafor, Tomori and Loftus-cheek gave milan a comfortable cushion. Cagliari managed to score the opening goal but was unable to score any more.


90 + 3′ After making his way forward down the right side of the field, Di Pardo watches as his cross is deflected into the waiting arms of Sportiello. The remaining minutes in Milan’s match are passing without any unneeded drama being created.

87′ WHAT A SAVE! Tomori uses a hard touch to steal a through ball from Sportiello, which opens the door for Luvumbo to enter the play. After he has turned Tomori inside out, he then crosses the ball for Oristanio, who sees the powerful volley that he attempts blocked by the Milan goalie.

86′ Over! After receiving the pass from Luvumbo, Deiola sends a cross in the direction of Shomurodov, who is just beginning to lean back as he sends his header too high. As it falls beyond the top of his goal, Sportiello watches it fall.

83′ Milan has only tried three attempts in this second half since they have decided to play it safe after taking a 3-1 lead in the game. Cagliari successfully retake possession of the ball despite Leao’s attempt to play Okafor in.

78′ Despite the score, Luvumbo has not stopped moving at any point throughout the game. He gets the better of Tomori and sets up a cross from the left, but nobody from Cagliari is threatening the far post, so Milan is able to sneak away with the win.

77′ Milan continue to play with 10 men before Leao gets back to his feet and rejoins the action. 77’Milan continue to play. Pioli can take a deep sigh of relief now because it appears that he will be fine to continue.

76′ Leao makes his first rush down the left, but Hatzidiakos immediately blocks his path and stops him in his tracks. The fact that the Portugal star has remained on the ground and appears to be holding his groin is a really worrying development for Milan at the moment.

68′ Musah receives the pass from Pulisic and immediately fires a first-time volley in the direction of the goal. Radunovic has no trouble getting his whole body behind his strike.

66′ Pulisic goes on a wacky run before being brought down by Hernandez just outside the left side of the box after Hernandez has poked a cross through to him. This set-piece presents an opportunity for Milan to get the ball into the Cagliari area.


64′ Pulisic comes close to keeping Loftus-Cheek’s deep cross in the game, but he is unable to do so, as the ball goes all the way out of bounds for a Cagliari throw. Soon after, Okafor is able to reclaim possession and take a shot, but his attempt from long range is unsuccessful.

60′ GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!!! LOFTUS-CHEEK!!!!!! WHAT A BULLET FROM LOFTUS-CHEEK!!!!! Pulisic finds Loftus-Cheek, a fellow ex-Chelsea player, in space 25 yards away, and the Englishman composes himself before blasting a stunning attempt past Radunovic’s desperate dive and into the bottom-right corner of the goal. It’s the kind of goal that has the potential to decide any match, and now Cagliari have a mountain to climb!

56′ FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY! Petagna takes the cross that Zappa has placed on his chest, which brings Luvumbo into the game. As he hits it on the volley from ten yards out, he appears to be on the verge of tying the game, but a player in a white shirt is there to deflect the shot wide!

55′ Oristanio catches Reijnders with a trailing arm, giving Milan a free-kick after Hernandez loses possession while being pressured by Luvumbo.

52′ On the left side of Milan’s penalty area, Luvumbo advances to the byline and crosses for Thiaw to face. He tries to claim handball, but the official claims it didn’t happen.

48′ Loftus-Cheek received a yellow card for pulling Luvumbo to the ground as the Cagliari goalscorer attempted to break towards the Cagliari penalty area. A free kick awarded to the home team places the ball within 25 yards of the opposing team’s net.

45′ GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!! TOMORI!!!!!! The Rossoneri did an excellent job of turning the resulting corner to finish off the turnaround! After receiving the set piece from Adli, Reijnders takes an impressive touch to get to the byline and then drives the ball across the goal line. Radunovic is knocked out of the game as Tomori makes the save with his thigh. Just five minutes ago, Milan was in last place, but they are currently in first!

45′ HUGE SAVE! Milan methodically advance the ball down the left side of the field until Hernandez’s cross is immediately returned to him after being cleared. He unleashes a powerful shot on goal, but Radunovic leaps to his feet and deflects it over the crossbar!

40′ GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!! OKAFOR!!!!!! Radunovic commits a careless error, and Milan are now back on equal footing with the competition! Pulisic sidesteps Zappa and crosses low from the left, and Radunovic somehow loses possession of the ball despite there being no pressure on him. It falls to Okafor, who brings Radunovic to the ground by rolling his studs over the ball before smashing it into an open goal. 1-1!

39′ Cagliari are able to easily clear Adli’s set piece, and they start their attack downfield. Tomori intercepts a pass from Luvumbo, and then Sulemana fires a shot on goal directly at Sportiello from 25 yards out.

39′ Hatzidiakos does not take any chances as Florenzi sends a deep cross towards Hernandez; instead, he deflects it behind him for a corner kick for Milan.

38′ Hernandez has already set up the most scoring opportunities for his team with six of them thanks to his position as the overlapping left back. It is imperative for Milan to make advantage of him, as well as Chukwueze on the opposite side, in order to stretch out this resolute Cagliari defense.

35′ Cagliari’s defense is packed tight, so Milan works the ball from side to side in an attempt to find an opening in the defense. However, everything moves at a snail’s pace, and Florenzi eventually puts in a bad cross from a deep position on the right side of the field.

29′ GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!! CAGLIARIIIII!!!!!!!!!! Luvumbo takes Nandez’ flick in stride and cuts inside from the right side of the area before blasting an unstoppable attempt past Sportiello, which causes the home crowd to roar in excitement. Cagliari are in the lead despite Milan having the upper hand in this game, which they have controlled.

28′ chance! Okafor is sent to the ground after being touched by Adli’s backheeled pass after he has defeated his opponent and picked out Reijnders. He takes a low shot aimed for the bottom left corner, but his effort is weak, and Radunovic is able to save it by getting down on the ground. That’s going to be our finest opportunity to win the game thus far!

26′ The pass intended for Reijnders is deflected to Pulisic, and the American quickly moves it wide to set up a scoring opportunity for Chukwueze. The international player from Nigeria makes a cut towards the middle of the field before sending his shot well past the far post.

23′ Loftus-Cheek rises above Radunovic to win the header after the former is caught beneath a long pass that was made forward and appears to lose track of the trajectory of the ball. Cagliari should count themselves lucky because there aren’t any white shirts hiding around to complete the comeback! After that, Luvumbo leads a break for Cagliari, but Petagna and Nandez are ahead of him on the cutback.

20′ Petagna then plays it wide to Zappa before cutting inside to receive the return ball, giving Cagliari their first clear opportunity to disrupt the play. Zappa then cuts inside. On the other hand, the huge striker botches his touch and then trips Loftus-Cheek just as the opportunity is about to be wasted.

18′ The Rossoneri get it done once more to Chukwueze thanks to Adli, who saves Milan from further difficulty. Before crossing the ball, he nutmegs Wieteska and Augello, but a defender is able to move in front of Loftus-Cheek and clear the danger.

15′ As Milan continues to press forward, Adli looks for Chukwueze behind the defense, and the player who formerly played for Villarreal is able to scrape out a cross from the right side. However, it deflects up into the air, where Radunovic is able to easily claim possession of it.

13′ GREAT CHANCE! Once again, Chukwueze is involved as he laces a wonderful pass into the penalty area, this time finding Loftus-Cheek who is completely unmarked. Dossena makes a crucial tackle to prevent the former Chelsea player from scoring the game’s first goal after he makes his way across the field.

11′ Milan receives a corner kick on the right flank, but they are unable to take advantage of the opening.The Rossoneri continue to apply pressure, but Reijnders’ pass to Chukwueze is just off target due to its length.

9′ OVER! Milan did a great job with that! Okafor, who was under pressure from two defenders, deflected his header over the goal after Reijnders broke into the penalty area and hooked a crossfield pass back into the path of Okafor.

4′ Cagliari has been forced to retreat due to Milan’s intentional start to this match. After having his first two attempts from close range within the penalty area stopped, Reijnders tried his luck from further away for the third time, but his shot ended up missing the target by a significant margin.

3′ WIDE! Milan are able to clear a cross before Luvumbo and then break with lightning quick pace. Reijnders creates room for himself to take a shot from the right side of the penalty area, but his powerful attempt is just wide of the left post.

2′ Before beginning his dance inside, Chukwueze scoops up the ball wide on the right side of the court. The Milan player had already beaten two Cagliari defenders when the third one dangled a leg at him, causing him to tumble down on the edge of the box. He shouts for the referee to call a foul, but he just shakes his head!


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