Roma 1-0 Juventus: Mancini the hero for Roma

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At Stadio Olympico, Roma carried a narrow lead throughout the match to beat Juventus. Centre back Mancini scored the only goal to give the Giallorossi the much needed win.

Following their defeat to the lowly Cremonese, Roma dropped from third to fifth in the standings. Nicola Zalewski, a typical central midfielder, continued on the other flank while Spinazzola started at left wing-back. After seven seasons in Turin, Paulo Dybala led the line in his first game against his old team.

Roma vs Juventus
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In the Derby della Mole, Juventus defeated Torino 4-2 thanks in part to the offensive contributions of its defenders, Cuadrado, Danilo, and Bremer. All of them kept their spots in the starting lineup, as did fellow scorer Adrien Rabiot, and in Juventus’ 3-5-1-1 formation, Angel Di Maria lined up alongside Dusan Vlahovic up front.

Di Maria’s cross from a wide left free kick gave Vlahovic an early sighter in the box. He attempted to sidefoot a half-volley goalward, but Patricio intercepted it and kept the ball.

Roma’s Ibanez attempted to break through the midfield line but was tripped by Fagioli on the halfway line, giving Roma a free kick.

Juventus launched a counterattack after Fagioli’s spark, and Kostic charged in. He cut the ball back to Di Maria on the outside of the box from the byline, but Pellegrini blocked the Argentine’s shot.

Mancini advanced, and Dybala played a one-two with him before sprinting across the edge of the box. He fired from a distance of 19 yards, but the shot was easily blocked because he was off balance.

Roma vs Juventus
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As soon as Roma took a free kick, Spinazzola sprinted in behind Bremer. When the defender forced him wide, he crossed to the back post, but Sandro scythed it away as Pellegrini and Dybala closed in.

Vlahovic attempted to pass to Fagioli, but Matic deflected the ball. Rabiot was closing in on the Roma goal when it skewed that way, but Patricio smothered the ball to stop the threat.

Spinazzola cut inside and attempted a shot from the edge of the box, but Juventus blocked it. After regaining control of the ball, Cristante set up Dybala, whose curling attempt from the other side of the box was deflected away by Szczesny.

When the Bianconeri broke quickly, Rabiot discovered Fagioli soaring into the box. The young player appeared to have a shooting opportunity, but a poor first touch caused him to slide as he made his attempt, and he clipped Matic just in time to give away a free kick.

After playing a one-two with Kostic, Di Maria flicked the ball over Cristante’s head to start a counterattack. However, the Serbian’s return pass was overhit and rolled behind for a goal kick.

Roma vs Juventus
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Kostic swung his marker before sprinting across to the left. Ibanez and Smalling both headed it away after Danilo crossed from the other side, and Pellegrini then cleared the ball down the field after another Danilo inswinger.

Juve was having trouble getting the ball into the box, so Locatelli decided to take matters into his own hands and shoot from about 35 yards away. Patricio was unconcerned as he held the ball as his low drive was headed for the corner.

Danilo whipped an outright teaser to the back post while there was space to cross. When Rabiot arrived, he attempted to nod a downward header goalward, but Patricio reacted in an instant, deflecting the ball off his knee and into the post before it bounced back out.

Before passing the ball to Rabiot, Kostic dove to the left. He attempted to chip the ball across the goal face, but Patricio gathered it before anyone in black and white could get there.

Roma vs Juventus
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Di Maria fired a fierce cross across the goal, but the low cross was missed by all, with Smalling coming the closest and almost scoring into his own goal.

Cristante gave Mancini his last pass as Roma continued to slowly advance. When there was nothing on, the centre back went for the goal and fired a low, fizzing shot from 25 yards that rocketed across Szczesny and nestled into the bottom corner. Roma lead 1-0.

Rabiot ran into space down the left after edging Cristante, but the Roma midfielder tackled him from behind and received a booking.

Stepping up to take the left-sided free kick, Cuadrado struck the ball with his right foot, going over the wall and hitting Patricio’s right post on the way behind for goal kick.

Roma vs Juventus
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Pellegrini received a cross from Spinazzola directly onto his head, but the Roma captain was unable to direct his glancing effort on goal, and the ball flew well wide.

Zalewski nearly made a costly error there. He tried to head a high ball back to Patricio, but he didn’t use enough force, and Vlahovic nearly snuck in to score before Patricio collected it.

After Spinazzola lost possession of the ball, Di Maria inserted Chiesa behind the wing-back. When the Roma defender pulled him back and to the ground, he gave up a free kick on the edge of the box that was deserving of a yellow card.

Karsdorp discovered a gap to run into down the right, but Danilo made a cross-over move to dislodge him. To prevent Karsdorp from intercepting, the Brazilian underhit a backpass to Szczesny, who was forced to hack the ball into touchline.

Pellegrini shot the region with a high, hanging cross. It appeared to be going behind, but Smalling suddenly appeared at the back post, and Szczesny blocked his header back across the face with his chest.

Roma vs Juventus
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Kostic was defeated by Ibanez, and the referee issued him a yellow card for needlessly pushing the unbalanced Roma defender over the sideline. After exchanging passes with Chiesa, Di Maria took a long shot from 25 yards out that was headed for the top corner before Patricio deflected it wide.

Roma were panicking as Mancini was nicked by the corner delivery before it struck the post, and Chiesa was left open by Roma’s clearance. Ibanez stopped his first attempt, and Patricio stopped a second attempt from the left side and stopped him on the ground.

Roma seemed content to keep control of the ball in the attacking third, but Belotti slipped a throughball for Karsdorp at an angle. In his haste to maintain possession of the ball, Bonucci deflected his cut-back for a corner.

What a wild incident to start it all off as Kean headed off the field almost immediately after entering the game. Mancini held Kean back as he fell to the ground, but before a free-kick could be awarded, Kean kicked the defender in the leg, earning him a straight red.


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