Udinese 3-1 Milan: Rossoneri continue to suffer in domestic battles

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Away from home, Milan have suffered another loss in their quest to top 4 finish. Udinese displayed excellent football with goals from Pareyra, Beto and Ehizibue.

Udinese changed just one player from the lineup that defeated Empoli 1-0 the previous time around, with Samardzic coming in for Lovric in midfield.

Udinese vs Milan
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The starting lineup that Milan used to draw 1-1 with Salernitana on Monday underwent three changes. Due to Theo Hernandez’s illness, Ballo-Toure started at wingback. Tonali started in place of Krunic in the middle of the field. The final substitution was Ibrahimovic coming back to replace the suspended Olivier Giroud.

Udinese’s first corner of the game was taken by Pereyra, who aimed an inswinger at Becao. However, Maignan intercepted the ball and easily caught it.

Samardzic took a corner from the left, but Tonali knocked it away before Bijol could get to the ball. The Milan player’s persistent closing down led to a second successful block after the clearance only reached the Udinese set-piece taker on the wing.

Samardzic displayed incredible dribbling as he won the ball back near the centre circle and ran into the penalty area, leaving Tomori stumbling helplessly. Pereyra took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed hold of the ball before firing his shot into the far corner.

Udinese vs Milan
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Udinese surged forward once more, with Beto deceiving Kalulu as he approached the 18-yard box. The striker then passed it to Pereyra to his left, but the final cross was disappointingly deflected.

When Walace pushed Bennacer in the back from 30 yards away, Milan was attempting to trouble Silvestri for the first time. Despite the distance, Ibrahimovic shot a swerving attempt that whistled just over the crossbar.

Leao’s subsequent pass error that resulted in an Udinese interception highlighted Milan’s dismal performance in the first 20 minutes. Lack of forward movement has made it difficult for the visitors to move the ball out of their own half while in possession of it.

Milan attempted to capitalise on their first corner of the match, but Tonali’s kick was blocked by Success, who was returning to his defensive duties. Right-handed Saelemaekers cut inside and fired a low shot with his weaker foot, but Silvestri blocked it.

In a cunning attempt to stop the wing-back’s movement, Perez was forced to tug Saelemaekers, resulting in the loss of a free kick on the right flank. The defender from Udinese received a yellow card. Beto intercepted a risky delivery that Bennacer whipped in the direction of the near post and then turned it around for a corner.  The next corner kick from Bennacer was a similarly good cross, but Silvestri was able to get a fist to the ball before Ibrahimovic could reach it.

Udinese vs Milan
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Diaz turns in midfield and finds just enough space to wriggle through midfield, before finding Ibrahimovic at the edge of the penalty area. The pass doesn’t stick so the Milan number 10 gets back onto the ball and fires a volley that’s pushed over the crossbar from close range! After the save the referee points for a free-kick to Udinese for a handball in the build-up, with an arm used by the forward to help control possession.

Diaz manoeuvred through the middle of the field and just barely made it to Ibrahimovic’s position at the edge of the penalty area. The Milan number 10 regained possession of the ball after the pass didn’t stick and fired a volley that was deflected over the crossbar from close range. After making the save, the official awarded Udinese a free kick for a handball that occurred during the buildup and involved the forward using an arm to help keep possession.

Once more, Milan were exposed in midfield by easy passes, allowing Pereyra to make a left-side drive towards the byline. He made a good cross in the direction of Success, but the header was a weak effort that popped up for a simple Maignan catch.

From the left edge of the penalty area, Leao curled a dangerous shot, forcing Silvestri to parry it while diving, turning it around the post and behind.

Udinese vs Milan
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After intercepting Kalulu’s pass inside the Udinese penalty area, Leao frantically appealed for a foul. Bijol was in possession when the play resumed, and the referee shook his head.

After a few reviews, the referee returned to the field and pointed to the spot after being instructed to go over to the monitor for another look at the incident. Although it appeared that the defender’s arm came into contact with the ball before his leg, the decision stood, giving Milan a chance to draw even.

In extra time, Ibrahimovic took the penalty kick with the intention of tying the score, but Silvestri correctly read the situation and parried the shot with two hands. The referee blew his whistle to signal for a new kick after the penalty was saved and the game continued. Ibrahimovic’s kick had to be redone because it appeared Success had gotten in the way just before he took it. As the drama grew, Sottil became enraged, and for his outburst, he was given a red card.

The Milan captain stepped up to the spot to make up for missing the first penalty, which was chalked off, and he did so with a ferocious shot into the top corner from 12 yards out.

Udinese fought back up the field. Fortunately, Success received the ball after Udogie slipped inside the penalty area during a pass attempt. The goal scorer then sent Beto a low cross that he turned past Maignan after edging Thiaw to the penalty spot.

Udinese vs Milan
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Thiaw’s head was on an outswinging corner from Tonali when he headed it towards the goal from six yards away. It was a fantastic opportunity, but Silvestri made an equally impressive save by catching the attempt and hanging on despite the oncoming traffic.

Ibrahimovic was brought down while being closely defended by Bijol and Becao after Diaz struck a cross into the penalty area for him. At the far post, Ballo-Toure attempted to capitalise on the opportunity, but his header went over the crossbar as he collided with Silvestri.

Success managed to keep the ball in play before the byline, defeating Thiaw who had fallen. The forward deftly cut the ball back to Udogie, whose initial touch sent it to Ehizibue at the back post. The right wing-back maintained his position and scored an easy goal despite claims of offside.

As Udinese kept making substitutions and slowed down the pace of the game, Milan has barely produced anything. On their way to a second straight victory, the hosts were handling the situation flawlessly.


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