Inter 4-0 Fiorentina: Nerrazzuri dominate the game against Viola

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FULL TIME. Inter dominated the whole game and gave no chance to Fiorentina. Inter comfortably won the match 4-0.

inter vs fiorentina

90′ + 3′ Inter has been the considerably better team throughout this match, and they are now just seconds away from having their victory officially ratified. They are doing a good job of controlling the ball as the clock continues to tick away.

87′, Biraghi takes a free kick into the penalty area, but his delivery is missed by everyone and the ball is kicked away for a goal kick. That sums up the attacking attempts that the guests made during this competition.

73′ GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! LAUTAROOOOOO!!!!! He scores again. Converting the a spectacular pass into a goal Lautaro further increases the lead. The in-form striker scores another great finish to his tally, this time putting away Cuadrado’s brilliant low cross to make it 4-0 in favor of Inter! The Argentina international now has five goals to start the season after scoring in all three of his team’s opening games.

64′ The away team is finally able to test Sommer between the Inter goalposts. Sottil has a powerful drive that is saved, and then his header is also stopped.

63′ WIDE! Thuram misses out on yet another wonderful opportunity by grabbing on of a wonderful throughball. However, he is obliged to take a wide stance and tries to pick out the bottom left corner of the goal. The ball goes out of bounds and, unfortunately for both him and Inter, it does not go in.

59′ GOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! CHALHANOGLU!!!!!! The midfielder smoothly converts the penalty won by Thuram. The midfielder takes the shot, tricks Christensen into going the wrong way, and places the ball to the right side of the net to put an end to this match for good. Inter lead 3-0.

56′ PENALTY TO INTER!!! Dimarco attempts to shoot toward the net, but his shot is directed right at Christensen. However, the custodian makes a mistake, and Thuram gets to the rebound before he does. Christensen is responsible for bringing him to the ground, and the referee has no other option than to point to the penalty spot!

52′ GOOOOAAAAAALLLL!!!! LAUTAROOOOO!!!! The inter captain gives no chance to away goalkeeper and scores with a calm finish. Martinez doesn’t make a mistake with his shot after Christensen made a spectacular save on a header just a few moments ago. After being put in superbly by Thuram, he looks up, picks his place, and then calmly fires the ball into the back of the net to make the score 2-0 in favor of the home team. Inter lead 2-0.

50′ POST!!! Inter come dangerously close to scoring a second goal when a brilliant crossfield ball finds Dumfries in the penalty area. The wing-back makes an attempt to pick out the far corner, and he comes very close to doing so, but he ends up hitting the woodwork instead, which causes him to deflect away from danger.

45′ BIG CHANCE! Another big opportunity for Inter to grab their second goes to waste as Dumfries whips a fantastic cross into the middle for Thuram, but Thuram is unable to capitalize on the opportunity. The striker manages to get his foot on the ball, but from a relatively close range, he sends the ball sailing over the crossbar.

41′ GREAT SAVE! Calhanoglu, who is consistently dangerous in circumstances involving set pieces, sends his free kick directly toward the goal. Christensen is given the responsibility of resolving the issue, which he accomplishes by deflecting the forceful effort away from the impending threat.

39′ Rainieri is given the first booking of the competition for putting an end to Thuram’s rampage. You get the impression that he will be reasonably content to take that one for the team in light of the fact that the rampaging Thuram is closing in on the goal.

34′ A powerful drive from Bastoni stings Christensen’s palms just before Martinez blazes over the goal line. At the moment, everything is happening on Inter.

30′ SO CLOSE TO A SECOND! The ball is passed to Bastoni from Dimarco, and Bastoni then sends a low delivery across the face of the goal. Thuram is able to get his shot off, but for some reason it goes over the bar on the first attempt, despite the fact that it appeared that he could not miss.

27′ Thuram attempts a backheel pass to Dumfries as Inter looks for an immediate second goal, but the flick only causes the wing back to pause for a second, giving the away team enough time to get back and clear the danger.

23′ GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!! THURAAAAMMMM!!!! What a nice header from the french striker. He has been quite dangerous up to this point, and he just put his team up a goal by sneaking past his defender at the back post to meet Dimarco’s cross, then crashing a header past Christensen and into the back of the net. Inter lead 1-0

20′ Thuram seemed to be in good spirits. His burst of speed allows him to rush into the box and create room for a shoot, but the shot he eventually takes is always rising and goes high enough to miss the crossbar.

14′ The ball sits up nicely for Bonaventura to lash towards goal from a distance, but he is unable to quite get his effort to dip enough, and Sommer watches it sail harmlessly over his crossbar.

11′ Christensen has little trouble catching Thuram’s weak header after Dumfries’ cross. To this point, the Fiorentina goalkeeper has not been seriously challenged by the home team.

9′ Inter rushes forward on the counterattack, sending a number of players into the penalty area. However, Dimarco makes a terrible mishit with his cross, and the threat is no longer present.

6′ Beltran makes an attempt to bring a looping ball down inside the box, but Darmian does a good job of preventing him by forcing the Fiorentina forward to push the ball out for a goal kick.

4′ After a collision involving the Inter full-back and Biraghi, the referee chooses not to call a foul, leaving Dumfries upset.

3′ Both teams are doing a fantastic job of banging the ball around as they try to find their rhythm for the game. The first shot of the competition comes from Dimarco, but Christensen is able to easily handle it because it’s from a vast distance.


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