Roma 1-2 Milan: Rossoneri continues winning streak

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90′ + 4’CLOSE! Roma is moving the ball upfield with intent because they believe they can salvage something from this game at this point and they have this belief. This time, Zalewski takes the position on the right wing, and he cuts inside before taking a shot that is deflected into the near side net.

90+2′ GOOOOAAAALLLLL SPINAZZOLLAAAAAA!!!!! The left back scores a spectacular goal giving no chance to Maignan. This time, he gets the better of Calabria by cutting inside from the left, which opens up space on the edge of the box for him to take advantage of. He takes a low shot at the goal, but it takes a significant deflection off of Kalulu, which throws off Maignan’s timing and ultimately results in the ball going into the back of the net. Roma 1-2 Milan.

89′ Roma work the ball down to their left side once more, with Boev and Spinazzola connecting nicely with one another. Pagano takes a shot from the outside of the box, but it is deflected wide when the ball is pulled back to him since neither of them can find a good spot for a cross.

87′ Llorente sends a long pass in the direction of Lukaku, who chests it down but is unable to do anything with it because Kalulu is pressing him from behind. As a supporting player, Belotti takes the ball himself and unleashes a powerful first-time shot on goal, but Krunic manages to block it.

85′ Okafor is making a rapid break on the counter, and Lukaku is following closely behind him. He made a sloppy and late tackle, and the referee ejected him from the game for his actions.

81′ CHANCE! The free kick taken by Pellegrini is only partially cleared by Kalulu, and Spinazzola is the one to collect it on the other wing. Before he hits his shot, he makes a move to the inside, but he is unable to hold the ball down and it goes over the top of the bar.

79′ Roma are trying to make the most of their numerical advantage by putting extra players into the attack. Once again, Zalewski makes a fantastic run down the left side of the pitch and bends a cross in, but Maignan is there to gather it.

72′ GOOD CHANCE! As soon as Belotti loses control of the ball inside the box and it rolls away, Lukaku is quick to get into the action and contribute. The Belgian reacts quickly and makes the shot on the first try, but it goes just high enough to clear the crossbar.

69′ GOOD SAVE! After a long wait, Roma managed to get their first attempt on goal, which was made possible by Milan’s inability to clear their lines. After receiving the ball on the right side of the field, El Shaawary cuts inside the penalty area and takes a low shot on goal, but Maignan is there to make the save.

67′ Despite being down a player, Milan is still attempting to score a third goal, and Pulisic is leading the way down the right side of the pitch in this drive. However, he is unable to prevail against Mancini, as the team captain knocks the ball out of play with his shield.

61′ TOMORI IS SENT OFF! Because Belotti is in front of the defender, the defender is unable to prevent the ball from rolling in front of him. Tomori gets a yellow card for putting his arm around the forward to prevent him from latching onto it, and this is the second time he has been cautioned during the game. Tomori is expressing his rage as he follows the official around the pitch, which prompts the referee to tell him to leave the pitch of play and the rest of the Milan players to encircle and confront the official. The score for Milan is now 10!

56′ As Belotti draws nearer to Maignan, Milan is having somewhat of a tense time at the back of their defense. However, the custodian maintains his composure and pushes the ball out of danger to Tomori before the forward can come within striking distance of him.

52′ A better play for Roma as they win the ball back high upfield, giving Mancini the freedom to advance along the right side of the pitch. Early on, he sends a curling cross into the box, but Tomori is there to clear it away.

47′ GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL RAFAEL LEAAAOOOOO!!!!! What a volley from Leao. Unbelievable goal. Calabria delivers a magnificent cross that Reijnders manages to get to the far post with after he switches it out to the right. Leao is pressing Mancini closely to his back and maintaining his position. He then drops down and sends an overhead kick into the bottom corner of the goal. Milan lead 2-0.

45′ + 1′ Right now, we’re in the first of four additional minutes, and Roma has a free kick somewhere in the middle of the pitch. Pellegrini maintains his position on top of the ball and curls it into the six-yard box, but Thiaw is there to meet it and clears the danger.

42′ Giroud makes a diving save and beats Pellegrini to the ball, allowing him to play the ball to Pulisic on the right side of the pitch. They try to switch it to the opposite flank, but Roma swiftly drop back into their form, which prevents them from doing so. He has no space.

38′ Celik makes a long throw-in into the box, and Thiaw, who is in the middle of the pitch, tries to head it away, but he can only get it as far as Cristante. He follows it the whole way in order to strike it on the volley, but he hits it so high that it goes well over the crossbar.

34′ After stepping across Zalewski to win the ball, Loftus-Cheek catches the wing-back in the face with his elbow. The challenge has been assigned to him.

33′ Tomori interferes with Belotti’s run once more, and several of the home supporters and players believe that he is fortunate to avoid receiving a second yellow card for his actions. However, the hosts are awarded a free kick in this situation.

30′ Aouar is down off the ball, which presents a challenge for Roma at this stage of the game. He indicates to the bench that he need medical attention with a hand motion, and Mourinho gets Pellegrini ready in case he is required.

26′ Reijnders breezes by Celik’s challenge and continues to go down the left side for Milan. However, Mancini is able to jump in and eliminate the danger for Roma as a strong touch on the ball dislodges it from his grasp and takes it away from him.

22′ GREAT SAVE! Hernandez, who was on the left side of the field, sent in a beautiful curling cross, and it was Pulisic, who was running late to the far post, who was able to get on the end of it. Patricio puts a firm hand on it and tips it over, despite the fact that he strikes it the first time on the volley.

19′ Tomori makes a mistake by trying to win the ball by going past the back of Belotti, which is a dangerous move. He is the recipient of the game’s first cautionary yellow card.

17′ As Hernandez falls down in front of Smalling, there are shouts for another penalty kick to be awarded to Milan. No penalty kick is awarded despite the fact that it appears the full-back was the one who started the contact by darting in front of the Englishman.

15′ Milan once again looks to its wide players to create something, and this time it’s Leao who is causing difficulties for the team. He makes a drive down the left side of the field before dragging the ball back to Reijnders from the byline, but Reijnders’ first attempt at the goal is deflected wide.

11′ Mourinho is pushing his players to maintain their composure as they are ready to restart the game at this point. They made an effort to gain an equalizer as quickly as possible, and El Shaawary drove down the middle of the pitch while doing so. However, his shot went well outside the near post.

8′ GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL OLIVIER GIROUD!!!! The striker easily converted the penalty and send Rui Patricio wrong way. 1-0 Milan took the lead. Giroud scored in his third game in a row this season.

8′ Penalty to Milan! The referee, after reviewing the videos, has decided that Patricio committed a foul, despite the fact that he did not make contact with the ball in any way. As the referee walks back onto the pitch to gesture to the penalty spot, Roma expresses their displeasure.

7′ The video assistant referee is currently reviewing the challenge that prevented Loftus-Cheek from receiving a tap-in. As the custodian Patricio extended out to try to tip the ball away, the referee was summoned over to the monitor, and the play was reviewed. He was accidentally tripped by Patricio’s leg.

6′ GREAT CHANCE!! Loftus-Cheek makes a fantastic run, and then he plays a deft one-two with Giroud to clear out some space for himself so that he can continue into the area. Smalling has to make a diving save to prevent Mancini from scoring a tap-in after he slides in first. Mancini’s touch on the ball helps it go over the keeper’s head.

4′ At this point, Roma has all of their players positioned behind the ball, while Milan continues to play with it in front of them. The away team is playing with great patience, but they are unable to get the ball inside the penalty area at the moment.  

2′ Milan is aiming to get off to a fast start in this match, and Calabria is sending the ball long down the right sideline for Pulisic to go after it. However, Llorente reads it really well and understands it quite clearly.

1′ Belotti gets the game underway for Roma!

Milan has already arrived, and they’ll be giving it their all to extend their winning streak on the road.


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