Napoli 1-2 Lazio: Champions are defeated by Lazio

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FULL TIME!! Lazio defeated Napoli with a very resilient display. A well deserved victory with goals from Alberto and Kamada.

90′ + 7′ OVER! The corner kick is headed in Juan’s direction, but he is unable to put the ball in the back of the net inside of a congested six-yard box. It goes to Lindstrom, but he takes a step back, then lifts a weak volley that easily goes over the net. That ought to wrap things up here in Naples!

90′ + 6′ Raspadori makes a dangerous run into the penalty area for Napoli, but he is brought down by Marusic’s challenge, and the Lazio defender manages to recover the ball. Napoli will take the corner kick from the left side of the pitch.

90′ + 5′ Since Kamada’s goal, Napoli have appeared to have lost all of their cohesion as a team. They are now pushing long balls forward, and Romagnoli and Casale appear quite comfortable playing in the backline for Lazio!

89′ Lazio come forward again as Guendouzi is found at the back post… but he steers a volley wide under pressure. 7 minutes of stoppage time awarded.

87′ Lazio creates a three-on-two situation on the break as Pedro hares into the area, but the winger takes a stepover and gets his studs hooked in the turf, which causes him to fall over! Lazio should have definitely put an end to Napoli’s season after having so many opportunities to do so.

85′ SO CLOSE! The location of Zaccagni is discovered by Luis Alberto on the left side of the region. He makes an inside cut and makes an effort to round the corner to the bottom right, but it curls just wide! That was an opportunity for Lazio to ice the game and secure the victory.

83′ After receiving a long cross at the back post, Di Lorenzo makes a series of twists and turns, but his cutback gets cleared inside the six-yard box. Lazio has done a fantastic job defending their region.

80′ OVER! Osimhen brings a clearing to his chest before letting go with a volley from the edge of the penalty area… However, the striker is putting his head down as his shot goes high over the crossbar of Provede’s goal. That was a good way to start things off.

77′ Since falling behind to Kamada’s goal Napoli have displayed a fairly lackluster performance. Lazio maintain their composure as Di Lorenzo sends a hopeful ball into the box, but Romagnoli is able to win the aerial battle against Osimhen.

70′ OFFSIDE AGAIN!! THE GOAL WILL NOT COUNT! Another Lazio goal disallowed due to Zaccagni being offside again. Lazio had two goals disallowed within 3 minutes due to offsides.

67′ OFFSIDE! Once again, Napoli is unable to capitalize on their break! As Napoli pushed players forward, Hysaj and Immobile worked together to find Guendouzi, who was standing completely unmarked on the halfway line. When the substitute looks back, they see Zaccagni running in behind them, and Zaccagni tucks his finish beneath Meret. But hold on! It turned out offside and goal is disallowed.

62′ Zielinski advances to the byline and then passes the ball on to Di Lorenzo, but Cataldi brings him down with a tremendous sliding challenge that is both tough and just. The captain of Napoli needs medical attention, but he quickly get back on his feet.

60′ Luis Alberto successfully navigates two hurdles before succumbing to the strain applied by Rrahmani. The referee does not take the Spaniard’s requests for a free kick seriously and instead decides to book him for his dissenting opinion on the play.

58′ Zielinski lines up a volley from just beyond the penalty area, but the ball skims down the ground and goes just outside of the bottom-left corner. Napoli is having trouble finding a way around this obstacle.

57′ Napoli earns a corner kick on the right side of the field, and it is Kvaratskhelia at the far post who gets the pass that is flipped all the way through. He shoots a low volley into the crowd, but the Lazio defense is able to clear it easily.

52′ GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!! DAICHI KAMADAAAAA!!!!! The Japanese international scored his first goal in Lazio colors and what a goal it is!! After Di Lorenzo has been dispossessed, Andersen will charge down the right flank. The Brazilian sends the ball out of the penalty area to the edge of the area, where Luis Alberto cleverly dummies for Kamada. Kamada then cuts inside onto his left foot and finishes the ball into the bottom-right corner of the goal! Lazio lead 2-1.

47′ GOOD SAVE! Osimhen knocks down a cross for Zielinski, who unleashes a ferocious volley that is blocked by Provedel, and Napoli immediately have the initiative and are playing on the offensive. Because the ball was moving while it was in the air, that was an excellent stop.

44′ Lobotka successfully takes control away from Anderson before Cataldi rides a challenge. He is closing in on the net and gets an opportunity to shoot, but instead of taking the shot, he decides to look for Osimhen, which results in his cutback being cleared. The stakes have been raised once more by Napoli.

40′ Over! The Napoli fullbacks work together as Di Lorenzo hangs a cross for Olivera. Olivera arrives completely unmarked at the far post, but he volleys the ball in a haphazard manner and it goes well over the bar.

38′ Napoli’s breakaway seems like it could be dangerous. Juan is able to regain control of Immobile, and Kvaratskhelia was found on the left. The Georgian makes an in-cut before executing a deft reverse pass to Osimhen, but there is no one in position to direct the striker’s cutback toward the back of the net as it rolls over the goalmouth.

37′ Second half begins with Lazio having a corner kick from the right side cleared while Napoli looks to break. Rrahmani’s pass out towards Politano is poorly executed, and Hysaj’s strong sliding challenge allows him to regain possession of the ball.

36′ CHANCE! Anderson makes a strong charge into the penalty area, easily overcoming Olivera and Lobotka on the way to the shot, but Juan makes a tremendous save at the near post.

32′ GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL ZIELINSKI!!!!!! Just after 2 minutes Napoli find their equalizer to tie the game 1-1. After regaining possession of a lost ball on the edge of the penalty area, Zielinski took a low shot toward the goal to cancel away the advantage that Lazio had held practically instantly. His shot is blocked by Provedel, but it somehow manages to find its way into the bottom left corner of the goal! 

30′ GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL LUIS ALBERTOOOO!!!!!! What a cheecky flick by alberto. Olivera gets in position to cut down Anderson’s initial cross after the winger has broken into the penalty box. He does, though, keep the attack alive by poking a wonderful ball toward the near post, where it was received by Luis Alberto, who beat Meret with a sneaky backheel! Lazio lead 1-0.

22′ The second corner kick taken by Napoli results in nothing, and Immobile starts a break for Lazio. During the struggle for control between the two players, it appears like he pulled Rrahmani to the ground, but the referee gave the free-kick to Lazio.

20′ GREAT SAVE! Kvaratskhelia takes a shot on goal from 25 yards out after the Napoli corner kick was cleared as far as he was able to get. It appears that it will end up in the top-right corner, but Provedel makes a diving save to his left and knocks it out of the corner!

20′ Lazio haven’t shown any creativity till now. Meanwhile the home team is continuously pushing to break the deadlock

18′ Politano sends a long ball over the top in an attempt to find Kvaratskhelia, but Marusic is forced to make a diving save to clear it away. Osimhen unleashes a thundering volley in an attempt to retrieve the wayward ball, but it strikes Kvaratskhelia instead. Even so, it appeared to be moving in the wrong direction.

14′ WIDE! Osimhen meets the cross with a powerful header, but the ball slips just outside the bottom-left corner of the goal. That detail wouldn’t have been overlooked by Provedel!

13′ Kvaratskhelia takes a shot from a difficult position, but his attempt is centered, and Provedel is able to deflect it over the bar. The corner kick goes to Napoli.

12′ Osimhen is brought to the ground by Casale after he catches him slightly to the left of the area. The player for Lazio protests his innocence, but the referee nevertheless awards the free kick since the Biancocelesti defender appeared to have kicked the ball too high.

9′ Di Lorenzo intercepts Provedel’s chipped pass as Napoli presses high again, but Hysaj is able to thwart the Napoli captain’s advance by conceding a tactical foul and stopping the Napoli attack.

5′ The long-range shot that Kvaratskhelia takes is stopped, but he continues to keep the attack going so that it can feed Osimhen. Osimhen makes an attempt to score, but his shot is unimpressive, and Provedel is able to block it with relative ease.

4′ CLOSE! Kvaratskhelia floats into the area before turning Casale inside-out and firing a low shot in the direction of the bottom-left corner, but the ball deflects just slightly wide of the post. Although Napoli are unable to capitalize on the resulting corner, it is a promising beginning for them.

3′ Kvaratskhelia immediately gets involved with the action by making a bustling run through the middle, but his eventual pass goes behind Osimhen.



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