Milan 1-0 Verona: Rossoneri secure a narrow win on Verona

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It is full time and Milan won the game 1-0. The goal from Rafael Leao was enough to secure all three points for the Rossoneri

90′ + 3′ As Pobega curls it in from the left this time, there is a tense moment in the back for Verona as the ball is in play. It seems like Montipo has it covered, but Hien swipes it out of the keeper’s gloves, and then he has to scurry to avoid scoring an own goal.

90′ + 1′ Milan make a breakaway on the counterattack from a corner kick taken by Verona in the first of the six additional minutes that have been added. Once more, Okafor charges down the left side of the field before sending in a cross, but Montipo is there to grab it.

86′ WELL MADE SAVE! Once more, Milan immediately burst on the counterattack, and this time, Sportiello gives Musah the ball to send him away down the right side. He makes his way down the wing before deciding to take on the box on his own, but Montipo stretches to deflect his shot away from the goal.

84′ Dawidowicz’s fury reaches a boiling point at this moment as he believes that Loftus-Cheek has been taken down too easily on a couple of occasions. A free kick to Milan is awarded, and the referee has to move the defender out of the way before he can do so.

82′ Okafor makes a fantastic run down the left side of the field, passing two Verona players on his way to the byline. He makes an attempt to bring it back for Jovic in the middle, but Magnani gets in the way and blocks it.

78′ Cabal dominates Thiaw once again down the left side of the field, but his cross beats everyone in the middle of the field. Ngonge manages to keep the game going on the far side by spinning past Bartesaghi, but he is also unable to identify a teammate.

72′ WHAT A SAVE! At this point, the game is beginning to open up, and Loftus-Cheek moves the ball forward for Pulisic to take on the right side. Before curling a shot toward the goal, he sidesteps Dawidowicz by weaving around him and then deceiving the defender by checking back in the penalty area. Montipo makes an effort to dislodge it.

67′ Another Milan attempt is thwarted, and Magnani opts for a more direct approach this time around. He attempts to make a significant switch of play towards Bonazzoli, who dashes into the box; however, Thiaw arrives there barely in front of him.

64′ Pulisic loses control of the ball, which gives Folorunsho the opportunity to put Verona on the offensive. Ngonge receives the ball on the right side of the field, but his attempted cross is unsuccessful and ends up going out for a throw-in on the other side.

62′ Sportiello intercepts Lazovic’s attempted cross and then sends Leao on his way down the left side of the field. After driving down the wing, he cuts inside and attempts a shot, which is initially stopped, but the ball eventually comes back to him. He engages Giroud in a pair of one-two shuffles, but by that time, the opportunity has passed.

60′ Duda steps up to the spot where he won a free kick on the left side of the field. He sends his cross towards the penalty area, but he is unable to pick out a teammate in the congested area.

57′ SAVE! Terracciano attempts a difficult move from left to right, but Ngonge is able to hook it back into the centre on the first try. He chooses Bonnazzoli as his target, but his shot is aimed squarely at Sportiello.

52′ The corner kick is taken short by Verona, and Lazovic receives the ball after it has been brought back. He clears the ball from under his feet before taking a shot across the goal from the sideline of the penalty area, but it misses the target by a significant margin.

50′ Tomori’s clearance effort is directed directly at Hongla, and his first thought is to select Ngonge on the right side of the field. This time, he sends in a cross that is of higher quality, but Kjaer is able to halt Duda’s run and prevent him from reaching the goal.

48′ Verona has gotten off to a much stronger start in this match as they have begun to apply some early pressure on Milan. Ngonge makes a cut inside to try to curl a cross in from the right, but it flies high above everyone in the centre and goes directly out of play.

45′ + 1′ The weaving run that Pulisic is on ultimately results in him falling to the ground, and Verona looks to capitalize on the opportunity. When Thiaw brings Terracciano to the ground on the left side of the field, the opposing team is awarded a free kick.

44′ Another attempt by Verona to crack the defense is thwarted by Musah, who then passes the ball on to Giroud in the middle of the field. He does a good job of holding off Hien before attempting an improvised shot, but he is unable to guide the shot on target.

40′ Milan regain possession of the ball high up in the offensive third, and Reijnders sets up Giroud with a pass. However, he is unable to get control of the situation in the D, and Hien is able to step in and win it without any complications.

36′ As Florenzi attempts to play a through ball, Faraone makes a diving stop to prevent it. This causes some unease for Milan at their defensive end. To the relief of the home team, the ball goes right into Sportiello’s gloves after it rebounds back into the box.

34′ Verona is having a hard time getting the ball back upfield at this point. Montipo makes an effort to enable Terracciano to escape down the left side of the road, but he runs into problems and is unable to assist him in getting onto Duda in front of him.

32′ Florenzi’s long throw-in is flicked on by Dawidowicz at the near post, and Reijnders is positioned on the edge of the box to cling onto it. Before he takes the shot, he lets the ball bounce, which causes it to go in the wrong direction and go over the goal.

28′ It seems like both teams are having trouble keeping hold of the ball right now, and it’s getting bogged down in the middle of the field. They are attempting to squeeze through a narrow passageway, but it is not going well for them.

26′ Terracciano calls for a free kick but nothing is provided, and Musah rushes forward down the right side of the field. Even though he has options in the middle, he holds onto the ball for too long, which gives Dawidowicz the opportunity to move across the field.

24′ Thiaw is shown a yellow card for making contact with Duda while he is sliding in for the ball. This is the first caution of the game.

22′ This time, Kjaer opts for a more direct way, lifting it over the top for Leao to chase after it. Before Folorushno can intervene, he knocks it down with a solid first touch and brings it to the ground.

20′ WHAT A FANTASTIC SAVE! Duda flicks a great cross onto the edge of the six-yard box here for Verona, who are playing far better than before. Folorunsho makes a valiant effort to get there in front of his defender and heads it on goal, but Sportiello instinctively keeps it out of the net with a strong hand.

18′ Tomori is brought down by Ngonge while he has his hands on the ball, but the referee first lets play continue. The winger sends in a cross, but Sportiello punches it away, and then Milan is penalized with a free kick after the play has already continued.

12′ The home team earns a free kick on the left side of the field, and Krunic immediately sends in a perilous cross that is directed at the far post. Giroud manages to get a foot on it, but he is unable to put his initial attempt at shooting on target, so it goes wide.

10′ Milan is pressing forward once more in the immediate aftermath of the restart in an effort to add a second to their tally as quickly as possible. Leao makes an attempt to repeat the run that led to his previous score, but Hien is able to prevent him from doing so this time.


8′ GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! LEAO!!!!! What a strong start for Milan! Folorushno is unable to slide in quickly enough to block the ball from reaching Giroud after Hongla gets caught with it. In order to play Leao between the two central defenders, the Frenchman pokes the ball forward. Montipo rushes off his line, but the skipper maintains his composure to shave the ball past him and into the bottom right corner. 1-0 Milan!

6′ Folorushno’s first cross is blocked at the six-minute mark, but no Milan players respond, allowing the midfielder to regain control. He is unable to defeat Reijnders, but he does succeed in taking the corner.

4′ Folorushno slides the ball down the middle for Ngonge to chase, giving Verona their first meaningful opportunity to advance. However, Kjaer manages to escape when he is just caught on his heels.

2′ Milan plays a beautiful move down their left flank, escaping problems with a few one-touch moves. When Florenzi looks at Leao, he isn’t speaking the same language, and Faraoni takes advantage of this.

Due to heavy rain there is delay in kick off. we will get back after 20 minutes or so.


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