Sassuolo 4-2 Juventus : Neroverdi secure win against mighty Bianconeri

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The game is over and Sassuolo secured a win over Juventus. The game was end to end till certain point but then Sassuolo took the advantage. For Juve the final nail on the coffin came from the stupidity of Frederico Gatti.

90′ + 5′ GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! SASSUOLO!!!! WHAT A STUPIDITY FROM GATTI!!!! Scoring a own goal like that is plain stupid. I don’t know what Gatti was thinking at this point. Guess this is really a night to forget for the center back.

89′ WHAT A SAVE! Rabiot makes the pass that puts it in the back of the net for Kean as Juve is aware that they are running out of time. Before he volleys a shot on goal, he pushes Boloca out of the way to create space for himself and then watches as Cragno blocks it.

87′ Juventus is making a concerted effort to try to grab an equalizer, but Sassuolo is maintaining a compact shape in order to cut off the space in front of them. The people who are hosting are determined to finish off this victory.

82′ GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!PINAMONITIIIII!!!!!!! And just like that, Sassuolo have reclaimed their position as leaders! They push it to their left, and when Lauriente cuts inside, he finally gets his shot where he wants it to go this time. Pinamonti gets a header on the ball that goes over the goalie and into the back of the net after Szczesny blocks it with both of his hands while trying to stop a fast-paced attempt. Sassuolo leads, 3-2!

80′ Iling-Junior makes a driving run down the right side of the field, but none of his teammates are coming forward to join him in support at this time. He makes an effort to maintain control, but Vina is able to take it away from him.

78′ Fagioli was entirely unmarked on the left side of the box, but instead of going for goal himself, he held his composure and set up Chiesa for a first-time effort on goal. Chiesa’s attempt was successful.

77′ GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!! CHIESAAAAAA!!!!!! The first shot on goal that Juventus has ever attempted results in a goal for the Italian club. Iling-Junior’s cross is cleared as far as Fagioli on the left, despite the fact that the play down the right side is executed quite well. He then guides the ball into Chiesa’s path, and Chiesa doesn’t make a mistake as he rockets the ball past Cragno at his near post. 2-2!

71′ Sassuolo continues to apply pressure on Juventus as they move the ball from right to left to create some room. Lauriente is about to wind up and insert a cross when Gatti vitally dispossesses him.

69′ Sassuolo notices another corner that has been partially cleared up the other end, but Boloca keeps it alive on the opposite side. He sends a beautiful cross into the far post, but Lauriente blows another opportunity by heading his shot over the crossbar.

67′ Gatti flicks on another Juventus corner at the near post after it is blasted into the box. However, nobody is waiting on the opposite side, so Sassuolo rush to get it out of the way.

65′ WIDE! This time, Juve rushes forward on the break, and Chiesa finds Vlahovic with a wonderful throughball. He appeared to be slightly out of bounds, but no flag is raised, and his shot misses the far post.

63′ WHAT A CHANCE! Sassuolo’s break on the counter leaves this game wide open. Once more, Berardi curls it in from the right and serves it to Lauriente, but before he can do so, Lauriente sends another attempt sailing high over the bar and lays his head into his hands.

62′ Berardi hooks it back from the byline after Juventus was exposed by a few long balls over the top in the final few minutes. On the edge of the box, Lauriente pounces on it but sends his half-volley high into the bleachers.

59′ The VAR is evaluating Berardi’s challenge to determine whether it merits a red card. Even though he caught him when high and it was an accident, the decision won’t be changed after reviewing the replays.

58′ Berardi makes a terrible challenge by hitting Bremer high on the shin with his studs. Moreover, he receives a yellow card.

53′ SO CLOSE! As the wall jumps, Chiesa drills the free kick low under it as he steps up to take it. It rolls barely wide of the intended goal as he attempts to slip it in at the near post.

50′ After enduring some Sassuolo pressure, Juventus looks to make a break for it. Danilo chooses to take the easier path and lift the ball for Vlahovic, but Viti arrives first.

48′ Lauriente drives down the left while avoiding McKennie in the narrowest of gaps. On the edge of the box, he attempts to pass it to Pinamonti, but he doesn’t get enough on the ball, and Bremer intercepts it.

45′ + 2′ As we enter the final couple of minutes of stoppage time, Juventus is doing a good job of preserving possession of the ball. However, everything is in front of Sassuolo, and their opponents are unable to find a means to get behind them at the moment.

45′ The goal line video assistant referee is performing a speedy review of the penalty call to see whether or not Vlahovic was offside during the buildup to the goal. They have come to the conclusion that he simply began his run at an inappropriate time, therefore it is not necessary for them to examine the real handball.

43′ When Gatti’s cross hits Tressoldi on the arm, the away fans begin to yell for a penalty to be given. It turned out to be a offside decision from the refree.

Sassuolo vs Juventus

41′ GOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!! BERARDIIII!!!!!! WHAT A SWEET STRIKE FROM BERARDI. Henrique is able to prevent McKennie from completing the pass, but Miretti loses his footing while attempting to cover the gap. Before passing the ball to Berardi, the Brazilian drives the ball to the very edge of the D. Berardi makes the shot on the first attempt, blasting it just out the reach of Szczesny and into the bottom left corner of the goal. Sassuolo leads 2-1.

40′ It is now Juve’s turn to attack, as Chiesa sends in another quality cross from the left side of the field. Vlahovic loses his balance, but he is still able to reach the crossbar with his header despite the fact that he is unable to guide it in the desired direction.

38′ WHAT A FANTASTIC SAVE! Bajrami is able to clear the ball away from Sassuolo’s corner, and Lauriente sends a dangerous cross to the far post. He finds Boloca, who makes a strong header toward the goal, but Szczesny dives to his knees and deflects the ball away from the goal.

35′ Sassuolo get possession of the ball near the border of their own penalty area, and Toljan immediately takes off in the opposite direction. He then helps it on to Berardi, who checks back at the byline, but his low cross goes straight into Szczesny’s gloves when he plays it.

33′ The Sassuolo defenders take a backwards position and allow Chiesa to take the ball and gallop into the middle of the field. He moves Kostic to the left side of the field, but he is unable to pick out an open cross.

31′ Chiesa pulls off another spectacular delivery on a free kick as he sends the ball into the far post for Gatti to head in. He crosses it to the far post, where Danilo is making a late run, but he is unable to reach it in the final stretch of the race.

Sassuolo vs Juventus

29′ WIDE! Rabiot maneuvers his way past the mob and into the box, and despite the fact that he is off balance, he manages to fire off a shot. It is blocked, but it rolls out to Locatelli, and he hits his attempt the first time; however, it fizzes just beyond of the far post.

27′ Chiesa is playing on the right side of the field as Juventus push the ball fast upfield once more. From the byline, he backheels the ball into the middle, but Miretti commits a foul on Boloca as the latter attempts to get on the end of it.

25′ Tressoldi prevents the throughball from reaching Chiesa, but his interception almost allows Vlahovic to score. Because of this, he is forced to move to the left, but Erlic moves to the other side to prevent him from entering the box.

23′ Sassuolo are attempting to swiftly regain their lead, as Berardi hooks the ball back towards the middle from the right side of the field. Both Boloca and Pinamonti attempt to hit the ball on the volley, but they end up interfering with each other and missing the opportunity.

21′ GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!! JUVENTUS!!!!! This time, Juve’s threat comes from the left side of the field, as Chiesa dribbles his way inside the opposition’s defense before delivering a beautiful cross to the far post. Vina gets a touch on it before McKennie does, and he pokes it past Cragno and into the back of the net from close range for an own goal. 1-1!

18′ McKennie maneuvers his way around Vina to the right, where he finds acres of open room to run into. It is inserted into the box from the byline, but once again, the cross is too high and nobody in the middle is able to meet it.

16′ CHANCE! After making a penetrating run through the centre of the box, Henrique then shifts the ball to the right side of the penalty area. The ball is headed for Rabiot by Danilo, but he loses his footing on the edge of the box. Erlic makes a mad dash for it in an attempt to strike the volley, but it soars high above the crossbar.

Sassuolo vs Juventus

12′ GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!! SASSUOLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! It’s a moment that Szczesny would rather forget! Bremer fails miserably in his attempt to clear the ball, and as a result, the ball goes right to Lauriente, who strikes it with a lot of force toward the near post. The goalkeeper gets both hands on the ball, but as it bounces off the ground it hits his foot and then goes into the back of the net. Sassuolo leads 1-0.

8′ CHANCE! Once more, Juventus works the ball down the right side of the field, and this time, Chiesa sends in a low cross. Locatelli receives the pass from Vlahovic, who has his back turned to the goal. However, he manages to slice his shot, and it ends up going well outside the far post.

6′ McKennie takes a throw-in fast, and Chiesa makes a beautiful, skilled run down the right side of the field, leaving Vina in his wake. He flicks it toward the far post for Vlahovic, but the Serbian cannot reach it because it is too high.

4′ The away team gets off to a strong start in this contest, as McKennie sends a deep throw-in into the box, where Locatelli gives it a flick before it’s cleared. Vlahovic tries to impress with an acrobatic effort at the far post, but he is unable to get the ball past the keeper.

2′ Juventus has just won an early free kick on the right side of the field, and Chiesa takes it and sends it into the box. He finds Rabiot in the middle of the field, but Rabiot’s header goes high over the crossbar.


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