Monza 1-2 Juventus: Late game drama and win for Bianconeri

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Juventus were able to salvage a victory and ensure that they moved to the top of Serie A with a low-quality victory over Monza.

Monza believed that they had recovered a point just seconds earlier in injury time with Valentin Carboni’s long-range equalizer. However, Federico Gatti’s outstanding goal in the 94th minute ensured that Juventus moved to the top of the league.

There was a late drama at the U-Power Stadium when Monza scored an equalizer in the final minute of injury time against Juventus. However, the European giants went down the other end and snatched back a win in a chaotic conclusion. Valentin Carboni appeared to have earned a draw for the home team in a game that was of low quality; however, his goal roused up Juventus, and they went on to score the game-winning goal through Federico Gatti in the 94th minute.

Monza vs Juventus

Shortly after, Michele Di Gregorio made a brilliant save on Dusan Vlahovic’s penalty and follow-up shot. Adrien Rabiot was the Old Lady’s guardian angel. His powerful header from the cross gave Juventus the much-needed lead. 

It appeared as though Juventus would take the three points home in the Allegri manner, scoring early on and then defending their narrow lead. The contest took a completely unexpected turn during stoppage time when Monza scored from their very first attempt on target. Valentin Carboni, the 18 years old, created a wonderful curl from the edge of the box that caught Szczesny off guard and went in smoothly. It was a much needed equaliser for Monza.

But the game was not finished yet. In the dying moment of the game the progression that Rabiot made along the right flank culminated in a cross that was placed in the middle of the box. Gatti, who had initially missed the ball, was able to push it past the goal line to score. In the end Juventus emerged victorious and now sitting at the top of the table.

Despite the fact that Monza got off to a fantastic start in their second-ever season of Serie A, their momentum has slowed down to the point where they have only won one of their six matches. As a result of this outcome, it is quite likely that they will fall into the bottom half of the league by the time the weekend is over.

In light of the fact that Juventus will be hosting Napoli the following week, the Old Lady will be hoping that their opponents will give their all in order to defeat Inter on Sunday.

Monza will be sorely disappointed that they allowed their rivals to steal the point that Carboni had just won. Although they did a good job maintaining a cheerful attitude for the entirety of the game as Raffaele Palladino’s substitutes gave emphasis and vigor to the team each and every time. 


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