Napoli 2-3 Real Madrid : Napoli lost Champions League clash

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Napoli lost important clash with Real Madrid. The game was end to end interesting but ultimately Real Madrid got the upper hand.

83′ Natan makes a claim for a penalty after Mendy deflects a corner kick from Napoli into another set piece. The center-back for the home team appeared to believe that another handball occurred inside the penalty area, but the referee did not appear interested in awarding a penalty kick in this instance.

81′ Bellingham tries to make another run similar to the one that led to his goal in the first half, but Ostigard stops him and gives Napoli a goal kick instead of allowing him to continue.

78′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOALLL! 3-2 MADRID! The visitors led by Ancelotti are piling on in the corner as they celebrate a fantastic goal scored by Valverde that results in an awful goal conceded by Meret. After Modric’s corner kick is cleared all the way to Valverde, who is around 25 yards out from the goal, Valverde fires an absolute rocket into the top of the net. Meret is able to deflect the swerving shot onto the crossbar, but the rebound hits the Napoli goalkeeper in the head and goes into the back of the net.

77′ Tchouameni looks for the run of Joselu, but Ostigard manages to tip the ball back for a corner despite Napoli’s calls for a goal kick. The set-piece that is produced, however, does not produce any results.

74′ CLOSE! Vinicius takes a curling shot with his right foot that is saved by Meret after Carvajal throws the ball to him on the inside. The Napoli goalie is left exposed as Bellingham had a chance to score a follow-up goal from close range but somehow directs his shot wide of the net.

66′ WIDE! The Madrid defense is able to prevent Olivera from getting a promising cross through, but Anguissa is able to pounce on the loose ball on the outskirts of the box. However, the Napoli midfielder is only able to hook a shot with his right foot wide to the left of the goal.

60′ Vinicius moves Ostigard out of the way before advancing into the Napoli box, but the Madrid winger is unable to get a shot off as the Napoli players are able to get back into position.

58′ SAVE! Zielinski is looking to add to his tally as he makes his way towards the boundary of the area and then unleashes a right-footed drive that is aimed at the lower-left corner of the goal. Kepa is unable to see the shot, but he moves quickly and well to parry it away.

57′ WIDE! Kvaratskhelia cuts in from the left flank before unleashing a piledriver with his right foot that is only slightly wide to the left of the goal. The spectators in Napoli are fooled into thinking the ball has entered the goal when, in reality, it has hit the outside of the post.

54′ GOOOOOOOOOALLL! NAPOLI! The penalty kick is taken by Zielinski, who strikes the ball with his right foot to beat the keeper and go in off the left post. Kepa makes the correct move, but he is unable to prevent the ball from hitting the post and going into the back of the net despite his best efforts. a score of 2-2 in Naples.

52′ NAPOLI IS GIVEN A PENALTY! Before deciding to award a penalty kick to the home team, the referee, Turpin, studies the touchline monitor for some time. When Nacho slid to challenge Osimhen, the ball cannoned off his raised arm and was ruled to have been handled, which resulted in the ball being taken out of play.

51′ As the VAR check proceeds, the players from Napoli crowd towards the referee, Turpin. On the sideline, Ancelotti and Garcia are engaged in conversation with one another; at one point, the fourth official steps in to mediate their conversation. And last but not least, the referee is going to check in with the touchline monitor…

50′ Nacho delivers an excellent last-ditch challenge in order to thwart the muscular Osimhen, who is rounding behind for a corner. Despite this, a quick review by the video assistant referee is taking place to see whether or not the Madrid center-back committed a handball.

49′ CHANCE! Osimhen is able to ascend above Rudiger, but he is unable to prevent a tantalizing delivery from Di Lorenzo from entering the six-yard box. Despite his success, Osimhen can only send the ball wide of the goal. The Napoli attacker did the difficult work, but he was unable to challenge Kepa.

48′ Kvaratskhelia entered the last third of Madrid’s field of play, but his poked pass can only find Kepa’s waiting hands. However, the Napoli winger had little trouble getting past the Los Blancos defense at that point.

44′ Another Kvaratskhelia causes problems for Madrid, but Natan can only head his flick-on wide after a deflection that gives Napoli another set piece that ultimately results in nothing.

43′ Bellingham became the third player in Madrid history to score in his first two games for the club in the Champions League, following in the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 and Christian Karembeu in 1998.

41′ SECOND CHANCE! On the outskirts of the Madrid penalty area, Politano is given an excessive amount of space, but the Napoli winger can only manage to drag a low left-footed strike into the hands of Kepa. Camavinga, playing fullback in place of Los Blancos’ regular player, is causing some issues on the left side of the field.

39′ WHAT A FANTASTIC STOP! Before setting up an attractive center, Politano obtains a yard of room on the right flank through some deception that he uses to his advantage. Osimhen looms over his defender, but Kepa is able to deflect his powerful header with ease thanks to his sprawled position. What an incredible stop by the goalkeeper for Madrid.

38′ A loose ball is picked up by Kroos, who then unleashes a left-footed effort that is deflected over the crossbar by Ostigard. The Madrid midfielder takes the corner kick short, and then Valverde blasts a weak shot straight into a wall of defenders that the hosts had set up.

36′ OVER! Vinicius makes an attempt to create his own opportunity by dancing inside the box, but in contrast to Bellingham, the Madrid winger curls the ball way wide and over Meret’s goal from the left side of the penalty area.

34′ GOAAL!!!! REAL MADRID!!!!! Bellingham scores a magnificent goal all by himself, without any help from his teammates. The midfielder for Los Blancos runs forward from near the halfway line and drags four Napoli players into the box with him before cutting back onto his right foot and finding the bottom-right corner of the goal. The Garcia defense was incapable of finding a way to deal with the one-man scoring machine over there.

27′ GOAAAL!!!! REAL MADRID!!!!! When Los Blancos scored their equalizer, the home crowd in Napoli became silent. The score was now 1-1. The home team gives up possession on their right side, which allows Bellingham to enter the area. After that, Bellingham passes the ball to Vinicius on his left side. The international player from Brazil takes a touch inside before calmly finishing with his right foot into the bottom-right corner of the goal.

25′ Natan stretches to clear Carvajal’s volleyed cross behind for a corner, which Kroos takes. Tchouameni is again the target but Napoli stand tall to deal with the set-piece delivery.

24′ Politano completes his defensive duties to intervene just as Camavinga found space on the left-hand side. Both Napoli wingers are tracking back well to deal with Carvajal and the France international on the other flank.

22′ Vinicius is not happy with referee Turpin’s decisions, and lets the match official know his thoughts. Surprisingly, the Brazil international avoids a caution for the time being.

19′ GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! NAPOLI!!!!!! Natan reacts to Zielinksi’s corner kick from the left side by climbing above Kepa and heading the ball against the crossbar. On the other hand, Ositgard is there on the rebound to muscle his way past two Madrid defenders and head the ball into the upper part of the net to get the scoring started!

14′ Osimhen’s eyes light up as an opening presents itself to the right side of the penalty area, but the Napoli striker cannons a swerving effort straight at Rudiger, who blocks the shot and gives the ball away for a throw-in.

12′ OVER! Kroos sends the third consecutive corner kick towards the penalty spot, but Tchouameni can only direct his header wide despite having a decent opportunity. The France international might feel as though he should have competed against Meret in that situation.

11′ Kroos takes another corner kick from the right side of the field, and this time, Osimhen is there to head off any potential danger at the near post. The ball is passed around within Madrid until Bellingham has another shot blocked behind the goal, leading to a third corner kick in rapid succession.

10′ A beautiful Madrid move that flows well brings about a corner on the right-hand side. Tchouameni’s header is deflected behind for another corner after it is deflected by Kroos’s swing in the set-piece.

9′ Osimhen has the chance to run at Nacho, but the home team’s striker makes a mistake with his touch, allowing the Los Blancos center back to make the play-saving tackle. Both teams’ fast forward movement gives the impression that they could be dangerous in a counterattack.

7′ CHANCE! Rodrygo is able to get into the area before Meret is able to parry his right-footed attempt, so Bellingham looks around for an opening and helps Rodrygo squeeze through it. Madrid came dangerously close to catching Napoli sleeping there.

5′ SAVE! Kepa makes a comfortable save in the middle of his goal to deny Zielinski the first opportunity of the game after the Napoli midfielder’s low fizzing shot.

2′ Osimhen makes an early attempt at crossing the ball but can only hook the ball out of play, giving Madrid a goal kick. Kroos and Valverde command possession through the middle of the field for Los Blancos, who do a good job of working the ball out of the back.


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