PSG 3-0 Milan : Rossoneri lost the battle at Paris

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It is full time and PSG beaten Milan with a comfortable 3 goal lead. It was an exciting game throughout but PSG had the upper hand.

89′ GOAAAL!!!! PSG!!!! PSG scores a great third to win the match and take all three points! Game, set, and match! It was Kang-In’s turn to send Zaire-Emery down the right side of the field with an amazing reverse pass, and the 17-year-old Zaire-Emery returned the favor by sending a square ball to the substitute, who then tucked the ball into the bottom corner of the net! The home team capped off their dominant performance in the second half with a brilliantly executed goal that made the score 3-0.

84′ CHANCE!!! Leao makes a run in behind the opposition’s defense after Tomori’s timely clearance, but Donnarumma steals the ball from him as he dives to make a save. 

82′ In the box, Hakimi and Vitinha combine their efforts, and then Vitinha sets up an unmarked Mbappe with a pass. He then smashes a low shot back across the face of the goal, which gets past Maignan but strikes the far post just before it goes out of play.

81′ SAVED!!! Giroud gets on the end of Theo Hernandez’s delivery after Skriniar’s poor clearing results in the team conceding a corner kick. His header at the far post is on goal, but Donnarumma is able to cover it and makes a diving stop in the bottom corner!

79′ Theo Hernandez chases down a pass that was played across the field and volleys the ball back across the face of goal; however, Olivier Giroud is unable to connect properly with a glancing header, and the ball goes well outside the intended scoring area!

78′ WIDE!!! After receiving a wonderful pass from Pulisic, Leao took a shot with his left foot from a narrow angle, but Donnarumma was able to deflect it away from the goal and into the side netting.

74′ Another timely tackle by Tomori gives Milan possession of the ball high up on the field, allowing them to start a counterattack. Pulisic makes a run diagonally across the field to find Leao in the penalty area, but the winger for Portugal holds up his shot for too long, allowing Marquinhos to get back and prevent the corner kick from being taken!

72′ After Hakimi surges forward, Kang-In cuts inside and attempts to pass to Mbappe on his first touch, but Tomori makes a crucial interception, stealing the ball from the striker inside the box and sending it out for a corner.

67′ WIDE!!! Please come back up the other end in a straight line, Milan, and make room for Leao on the left. He attempts to score with a low right-footed effort from 25 yards out, but the ball whistles wide of the far post, leaving Donnarumma grasping at thin air.

66′ CHANCE!!! Dembele seems to be in some sort of a mood right now, as he just played a one-two with Kolo Muani to break free of the chasing pack and continue another rapid break forward. He sends the ball into the penalty area for Mbappe, but he is not quite able to reach the ball in time before the offside flag is raised.

psg vs milan

63′ SAVED!!! Milan throws numbers forward, and Pulisic receives the ball on the right side of the field. He cuts inside onto his left foot and fires a shot from the outside of the penalty box, but Donnarumma is there to collect it with ease.

61′ Leaving their defensive position in order to intercept a forward pass Tomori accidentally hits Kolo Muani in the face, knocking the PSG striker to the ground, and then he continues playing. The referee has cautioned him with a yellow card, which will undoubtedly add to Milan coach Stefano Pioli’s growing list of annoyances.

58′ SAVED!!! Zaire-Emery takes off on another blazing fast move forward, easily evading Theo Hernandez on his approach to striding beyond the halfway line and finding Mbappe. The player who scored the first goal breaks free of Calabria to take a shot when Milan is stretched, but his attempt at the near post is saved by Maignan.

55′ Vitinha receives a short pass from Dembele after the defender Theo Hernandez deflects a cross from Dembele behind the play for a corner kick. After gaining possession of Skriniar, his first attempt at a cross is met by a punch from Maignan that is directed into a group of players, but Hernandez is there to clear the ball.

53′ GOAALL!!! PSG!!!!! Dembele receives the PSG corner kick and takes a short pass before dribbling past two defenders and shooting low. Despite the fact that Maignan made the save and Marquinhos was also present, the ball landed directly at the feet of Kolo Muani, and he scored the second goal with a tap-in! After being denied their second just a few seconds before, Les Parisiens do in fact get their second, and Milan unquestionably have a mountain to climb from here on out.

52′ Mbappe is given space to run into the box by a cross-field pass, but Calabria does an excellent job of tracking him down and stepping across to put the ball behind for a PSG corner.

50′ CLOSE!!! A answer that is almost instantaneous from the Rossoneri! A long punt forward by Maignan is brought down by Pulisic inside the area, and he then squares the ball across the face of the goal for Giroud, who is unmarked. The striker stretches to get there and takes a shot with the intention of finding the bottom corner, but as he slips headfirst into the pitchside advertising boards, he can only find the side netting with his shot!

49′ The replays reveal that Ugarte made some hard contact with Musah immediately before the Milan midfielder lost possession of the ball to Vitinha. There is no doubt that it was a foul, and as a result, Dembele’s goal on the breakaway did not count, and the score remained 1-0.

psg vs milan

48′ IT WENT IN!! When PSG were retreating from their own corner, Tomori and Musah made a mistake that gave PSG the opportunity to win possession of the ball. Vitinha then made a wonderful pass to Dembele, who was able to capitalize on the opportunity. The wideman sprinted onto the ball in the open space, made a cut inside Tomori, and then stroked the ball past Maignan and into the bottom corner! PSG believes they have taken a 2-0 lead after going from one end of the field to the other in a matter of seconds; but, after originally awarding the goal, the referee has had a word in his ear from VAR team.

47′ CHANCE!!! The ball hit by Tomori over the top is too far for Reijnders to reach, but it has Donnarumma engaged all right! The goalkeeper is left helpless as he runs off his line and out of his box to head the ball half-clear, and Giroud’s header back towards goal is flicked away by Marquinhos!

43′ BLOCKED!!! Following Maignan’s successful clearance of Ugarte’s weak volley, PSG immediately attack Milan, and Mbappe plays the ball through to Kolo Muani. He takes the shot from inside the box, but Thiaw makes a timely intervention to stop the shot and divert the ball out of play.

42′ Thiaw believes he has Milan covered for another long ball in behind, but Kolo Muani’s pressing forces him to put the ball behind, which results in another corner kick for PSG.

32′ GOAAAL!!!! MBAPPE!!!!! As Zaire-Emery races beyond the midway point and into the final third, Reijnders makes a valiant effort to stop him, but Zaire-Emery does an excellent job of avoiding him. After that, he finds Mbappe on the edge of the box, and Mbappe cuts inside Tomori before unleashing a low shot that is aimed at the bottom corner. The shot catches Maignan off guard as he stands still and the ball goes in the back of the net. Milan has a lot of work to do after giving up their first goal in Europe this year, as the score is currently 1-0 in favor of the home team in Paris.

26′ WIDE!!! Leao makes a dash for it while the PSG defense holds their distance. He almost gets them to pay for it as well by cutting inside Hakimi and then unleashing a low shot from the edge of the box that just misses the far post.

25′ PSG now has a unique opportunity to pack the Milan box after Kalulu’s botched clearing results in a corner kick being awarded to the other team. The first cross that Vitinha sends in is going to be headed back to him, but the cross that he sends in on his second effort is wayward and goes beyond the back line for a goal kick.

23′ Theo Hernandez fails to correctly judge the trajectory of the ball after Hakimi’s long pass, and Dembele exerts instant pressure on Hernandez as a result. The Milan captain, however, is aware of the situation and takes a dive after receiving just light touch in order to earn his team a cheap free kick and eliminate the threat.

21′ SAVED!!! Hakimi is pushed into an area of space by a pass from Mbappe that goes across the field, but neither he nor Dembele are able to generate an opportunity to go one-on-one. When the ball is played back to Mbappe on the edge of the box, he unleashes a low strike that is met by the diving gloves of Maignan.

18′ BLOCKED!!! It has been determined that Tomori will take the free kick, and the England center-back unleashes a thunderous effort that is directed directly into the wall and then behind for a corner!

16′ Hakimi is deprived of his possessions by Musah, who then sends him in pursuit of Leao, who was the recipient of Musah’s pass. Hakimi gets awarded a yellow card for his challenge on the Milan winger as he cuts inside and looks to shoot, but he is brought down just outside the box.

13′ Tomori makes an astute pass, which enables Reijnders to send Pulisic into the penalty box for PSG. Before he crosses the ball, he takes on both Marquinhos and Donnarumma, but the ball ricochets off of the American and into the defensive half of the field for a goal kick.

12′ After winning another corner kick on the other side of the field, Pulisic drilled the ball low to Leao, but Leao’s first-time finish was way off the mark!

10′ Leao moves into the middle of the field in order to create space on the right side for Pulisic. From just inside the penalty area, he sends in a cross that only Giroud can get a shot on, but Hakimi isn’t taking any chances and instead heads the ball out of play for a corner kick.

psg vs milan

9′ Pulisic takes the free kick for Milan and lofts it in the direction of the back post after the most recent foul in this somewhat choppy beginning to the game. Leao is the intended recipient, but he is unable to make anything of the ball as it enters the box, and Hakimi is able to take possession of it for PSG.

7′ Ugarte knocks Krunic down near the midway line, right in front of the referee’s eyes. Krunic is knocked out. The Milan midfielder complains to the referee about the lack of a yellow card for PSG’s Uruguayan anchor, and the referee responds by giving him one himself!

4′ Kolo Muani gets the better of Thiaw near the midway line as the Paris Saint-Germain striker seeks to make a breakaway from Hakimi’s pass forward. As a result of the Milan defender dragging him backwards and bringing him to the ground, the referee shows him the game’s first yellow card.

3′ Dembele challenges Musah and sends a low cross toward the front post, but Tomori scythes the ball away just in front of Kolo Muani thanks to his impeccable timing and positioning.


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