Tottenham 0-0 Milan: Rossoneri won the battle for Champions League quarterfinals

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Milan held their heads high in London and defeated Tottenham to make way for the Champions League quarterfinals

Conte only made one modification to the Spurs team that fell short against Wolves. Emerson took over the right-wing back position from Porro.

Tottenham vs Milan
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Meanwhile, Pioli made three adjustments to the Milan team that fell to Fiorentina. Bennacer, who had just returned from injury, was moved to the bench as Krunic, who had served his suspension, was reinstated and put back in the starting lineup. Diaz and Leao replaced Rebic and De Ketelaere.

From halfway inside the Spurs half, Hernandez dribbled past Skipp and immediately got fouled by the opposition. Hernandez made the delivery, but the team at home handled the set piece.

The ball was worked around the corner in an attempt to locate Kulusevski as Perisic found himself in the centre of the field. Tomori outran the Swede to the ball with his speed, but the play was reversed due to a Kalulu foul on Perisic.

The Spurs had earned a spot in this game and were on a roll with their possessions. Kane reached the byline, but Maignan successfully intercepted his attempted cross.

Tottenham vs Milan
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When Milan won the ball after Spurs failed miserably to play it out from the back, Hojbjerg did well to win it back and set up a counterattack. Kulusevski was fed by Kane, and when the ball was cut back to Emerson, it was repelled and then captured by Maignan.

Hernandez was once more perched high on the left side. The wing-back attempted to find Giroud in the box, but the Spurs defence stopped his low cross, allowing Forster to seize possession of the ball.

Romero’s challenge on Leao was hasty, and the center-back was the first to be cautioned by the referee. Messias was able to receive the ball inside the box thanks to a really well-executed set-piece routine. His right-footed shot missed the post.

Messias received the ball at his feet after Milan broke the line. The wingback cut inside, but his left-footed shot missed the net significantly.

Following some effective passing combinations, Spurs secured another corner. Emerson and Kane worked well together, and after Kane’s cross deflected off a Milan defender, Maignan had to react quickly to deflect it for a corner. But once more, Kulusevski wasted a set piece by overhitting the cross and sending it out for a goal kick.

Tottenham vs Milan
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Although the play stalled, Kulusevski’s cross was eventually meekly headed on goal by Perisic and gathered by Maignan after Son displayed some nice footwork to open up some space for himself.

After a poor Milan pass, Kulusevski won the ball high up on the field. Emerson was fed down the right, but the cross was subpar. The play was recycled before Milan successfully defended a better ball from Kulusevski.

Milan had a great chance, and Forster made a huge save. Prior to feeding Diaz, Hernandez countered through the middle. Prior to squirming into the box, Diaz combined with Messias, but the Spurs goalkeeper was there to make a skilled stop with his feet, keeping Spurs in the game.

The Milan defence did a good job of isolating the Spurs players and stopping them from putting together cutting patterns of play despite the increased urgency from the Spurs players.

Tottenham vs Milan
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Hojbjerg created a shooting opportunity by charging into the box with the ball. Despite the tight angle and ferocious effort, Maignan was up to the challenge and palmed the ball behind for a corner.

Milan dealt with the initial cross, but Kane met an alluring second cross but lacked the necessary force on the header to divert it goalward.

As the Spurs defence failed to clear the ball, Milan fired another cautionary shot. On the penalty spot, Diaz received the ball at his feet, but he was unable to make a shot. Giroud received the ball after it bounced, but he found it difficult to properly test Forster from a constrained angle.

Since he came on, Porro’s presence has been felt. When Kane attempted to meet his cross, he made a huge mistake and his stooping header went wide.

Leao used his strength and speed to grab onto Thiaw’s hopeful upfield ball. Romero, on the other hand, did well to follow the forward away from the goal and into an attempt that was wayward and went well over the bar.

Tottenham vs Milan
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Spurs were reduced to ten men after Romero was issued a second caution. Hernandez and Romero were ready to contest the ball, but the Argentine center-back recklessly flied into the challenge once more, earning a clear second yellow.

During the end-to-end action, Tonali saw his attempt well blocked by the recovering Porro as Spurs appealed for a penalty after Sanchez went down in the box prior to the Milan break.

Milan replacement Bennacer unleashed a well-hit long-range drive, but Forster was up to the challenge and made a strong save.

Maignan made a tremendous save to stop Kane just in time. Kane rose and headed the ball well after Son delivered it, but the Milan goalkeeper dived superbly to deflect the header away.


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