Juventus 1-0 Lecce: Juve manage a narrow victory over tough Lecce

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After a tough game against unbeaten Lecce. Juventus finally managed to defeat them by a narrow margin. Goal from Milik was enough to see Juve win over Lecce.


90 + 3′ Kaba got shown second yellow card for simulation in Juventus penalty area. Quiet a strange decision from refree since Kaba was not even asking for penalty.

89′ A scuffle breaks out between Almqvist and Kostic close to the touchline. The decision goes in the direction that the Serbian wants. A late free kick will be awarded to Juventus, and they will have the opportunity to take it into Lecce’s penalty area.

81′ Locatelli makes a great sliding tackle to get rid of Kaba and take possession of the ball. It seems like Juventus is in command of the game right now.

79′ Almqvist loses his balance and falls on the ground as Kostic applies pressure. The Swede is requesting a free kick at this point. The official has no intention of handing out a penalty.


77′ Krstovic tries to impress with an overhead kick but is, as expected, unsuccessful. Lecce is exerting pressure on the situation right now. They are not having any of it at Juve.

76′ Chiesa is shown a cautionary yellow card for making contact with Gendrey after the ball had already been played.

74′ Chiesa contorts his body in the penalty area before sending a dangerous low ball across the goal. The back post for Lecce is strongly defended by Dorgu.

73′ Rafia drags Rabiot to the ground by his tail. The person filling in will need to exercise caution. It’s his second yellow card of the game.

71′ Lecce does a good job of defending the corner kick that Juve earns. Cambiaso gets to the byline and puts up a cross when he gets there. Falcone does not move from his position on the goal line. His defenders are successful in handling the situation on their own.

65′ After scoring, Juventus is displaying a more expressive style of play. Rabiot makes a break down the left channel and crosses the ball across the face of the goal after he’s had some success. Unfortunately, none of his teammates are able to get to the cross.

57′ GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!! MILIK!!!!!!! The ball is kept alive by McKennie, who also locates Rabiot. The Frenchman nods the ball back across the goal, where Milik is waiting to quickly volley it in from close range. Juventus lead 1-0.

50′ Rugani commits a foul against Krstovic on the right side for Lecce. The ball is then sent by Oudin into the potentially dangerous location. Pongracic sends a header in the direction of the post.

48′ Almqvist makes his way into the penalty area from the right side. The defenders for Juve are able to encircle the Swede and prevent him from doing any damage to the team.

40′ Dorgu causes an obstruction that results in a free kick for Juve down the right side of the field. An engaging conflict is taking place between the two of them right now.

36′ After being fouled by Cambiaso, Strefezza is awarded a free kick on the right flank of the field. The ball is kept by Lecce. There is no way for Dorgu to sneak a teammate in down the left side.

30′ Ramadani is shown the first yellow card of the match for impeding Fagioli’s progress past him.

29′ Krstovic is brought to the ground by Locatelli near the center circle, which results in the awarding of a free kick. Blin faces off against Danilo and attempts to draw a foul, but he is unsuccessful.

27′ Venuti gives Juventus one another corner. Again, Lecce does a good job with it. Chiesea pounces on Danilo’s through ball down the left channel, but his shot is high and wide of the right post! That’s the best opportunity we’ve had in the game up to this point.

25′ Lecce protects the corner and looks for opportunities to counterattack. McKennie brings the footrace to a conclusion by cynically but deftly bringing Strefezza down under her weight.

23′ A shot taken by Chiesa from the left side of the box is blocked. Juventus Continue to apply pressure. Cambiaso loses possession of the ball to Venuti, but Lecce has nowhere to go with it. The cross that Chiesa sent in from the byline was cleared for a corner by Falcone.

22‘ Milik takes a touch of the ball outside of the defensive zone, shifts the ball onto his left foot, and looks to bend a shot towards the upper left corner of the goal. Falcone succeeds admirably and emerges unscathed.

21′ Rabiot hits a backwards header from a long throw-in into Falcone’s arms. Falcone collects the ball. The goalie for Lecce hasn’t had anything to worry about thus far in this match.

17′ McKennie sidesteps Dorgu and floats the ball over Lecce’s box in order to score. Cambiaso makes an attempt to do something useful with the cross, but the Giallorossi are aware of the wing-back’s capabilities and prevent him from carrying them out.

13′ Chiesa gets space between the lines outside the box and unleashes a powerful attempt that just misses the left post by a wide margin. This should serve as a warning to Lecce.

11′ Lecce have weathered the early storm and are beginning to create opportunities for themselves. The Dorgu’s cross is being led away by Danilo.

9′ Bremer pushes into the back of Krstovic, which results in Lecce being awarded a free kick inside of Juve’s territory. The ball is knocked into the ring by Oudin. Rabiot is the one who gets the hosts out of danger.

7′ Chiesa, who had just entered the box, received a pass from McKennie that was played low and in. The Juventus forward is unable to get a shot off due to the congestion, but he is given another chance to shoot not long after, and his shot just misses the upper left corner of the net.

2′ The game begins with Juventus having the upper hand. Rabiot pounces on Milik’s headed ball to the ground, providing Falcone with an opportunity to make a save from beyond the box. Cambiaso’s endeavor to do something is stopped a few seconds later.


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