Roma 1-1 Milan: Late drama at battle for top 4

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At Olimpico, Roma and Milan clashed for the all important top 4 finish. In the last moments we got to see some late drama as both teams scored.

Four substitutions were made by Mourinho, who started Kumbulla, Belotti, Spinazzola, and Matic. For Milan Kjaer, Calabria,, Bennacer, and Giroud all started in the starting 11.

roma vs milan
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Roma wanted to play very directly and seek Abraham with an early break when they won the ball. Running into the channels and holding the ball up for his team, the striker was doing a good job. Bennacer was unable to score when Diaz attempted to surprise the Roma defence by playing him through, as his pass was overhit and intercepted by Patricio.

After Diaz delivered a cross from right wing, Krunic had a half-chance in the box, but his header missed the left post. Belotti was the target of a lofted pass from Pellegrini, but Tomori felt secure enough to allow the ball through to Maignan.

After cutting across the left side of the field, Milan entered the Roma box. Calabria received the ball from Leao, but his cutback attempt to find a teammate was unsuccessful. Before giving the ball to Giroud, Leao outmuscled two Roma defenders, but the striker was covered up and dropped the ball.

roma vs milan
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Pellegrini had a fantastic opportunity to break the tie, but Abraham blocked his shot. Spinazzola advanced from the byline before giving Pellegrini the ball back. At the near post, the midfielder attempted to score, but Abraham unintentionally jumped in the way. Milan was extremely disappointed by that.

With a half-volley, Calabria tried his luck, but he missed the left post. Milan was struggling to generate a lot of opportunities. Pellegrini was on the edge of the box when Spinazzola flung the ball his way. The Milan defence cleared their lines as the Roma captain attempted a first-time volley shot, but his attempt was not successful.

Diaz was discovered on the border of the penalty area by Leao after Bennacer swiped the ball towards him. Before shooting, the midfielder made some space for himself and was able to secure a corner. Tomori did manage to get a foot on the ball before Tonali lunged in the corner, but his shot went wide of the goal post.

roma vs milan
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Giroud attempted to receive a cross from Bennacer, but Mancini did well to put the ball in for a corner. The set-piece was taken by the Milan midfielder, but Pellegrini deflected the cross. For Milan, Bennacer took an outswinging corner, but it had no effect on the guests.

Giroud displayed great power to hold off his defender and pass the ball onto Leao. Saelemaekers received the lobbed pass from the wingerand he hit it first time. However Saelemaekers’ volley ended up going over the crossbar.

On the counterattack, Abraham raced down the right wing and into the penalty area. He tried to send the ball to Pellegrini on the opposite side, much to the striker’s chagrin, but El Shaarawy intercepted it. The final strike from Pellegrini was successfully blocked.

roma vs milan
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Leao displayed good skill to evade Bove, but Roma defenders quickly surrounded him and he lost control of the ball. Krunic was given a yellow for silly foul on Bove.

Leao was the recipient of a lofted pass from Thiaw in the box after Thiaw successfully wrestled the ball from Abraham. The winger attempted to open up space for a cross, but Roma doubled up and eliminated the threat. From a free kick, Giroud attempted to curl the ball in, but Matic stopped him in the wall. For Milan, the ensuing corner also produced no results.

Abraham’s goal was the game’s first shot on goal. Before transferring the ball to Abraham in the box, Celik made an amazing  run along the right flank. Abraham them cleverly put the ball into the goal.

Milan have found an equaliser in the dying seconds of the game as Saelemaekers scores at the back post! Leao sends in a brilliant cross to the far post and Saelemaekers gets on the end of it, with Patricio making a poor attempt to save the effort. What a finish to this game!


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